Monday, June 25, 2012

Putti's Tea Party - Readathon week 2 #readforgood

Welcome back to Readathon 2012! Week one has been very good and over 1256 kids joined us in this Readathon on MeMeTales, which means 1256 meals donated!! The theme for this week is Friendship. We read the book 'Lott's Tea Party' by Jane Marshall. This is an adorable book in which a little girl Lott is going to host a tea party. And has so many things to do including the chores. Putti adored the book and did learn a lot of simple action words along with Lott.
And off course she HAD to have a Tea Party! But in Lott's style with full preparations just like her:) She even made a little list of her invitees, see I was invited too
And there was lots of cleaning around the house- sweep, vacuum, spray and wipe..
Then there was more work(more words learnt), making the tea - heat, find, add, boil, pour and then settting the table.
And then Putti rushed off to brush, braid, choose and change, to get ready to greet her party friends! And when they arrived(I had to bring each one of them in), she greeted them and then everyone was here, she poured each of us our tea!
We all sipped and enjoyed the yummy Tea!
Putti was very good even at helping her little friends drink their tea.
The book did not end with clean up, but Putti did all the clean up herself each time and has been very proud of her party:) We have been having lots of parties everyday at home now and each time new list is written and new guests arrive.

  • The Stickfiggy series author, Jane Marshall, has very generously given this free printable for everyone to enjoy with this week’s theme!
  • Check out the Action Cards put together for this book at Carrots are Orange! We will be printing those out and maybe use them as sequence cards.
  • Don't forget to visit MeMeTales for all the activities shared by many other bloggers.
  • And if you have not already, please do sign up for the Readathon and receive a curriculum each week based on the theme

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Disclaimer – I will be receiving the books that I feature from MeMeTales in exchange for sharing our fun ideas each week and promoting the Summer Readathon. 
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I love it! Your daughter's beautiful! And look at the intense concentration when she's pouring. Wonderful.

I really like your invite putti!! Put MeMe on there next time. We will send someone from the MeMeTales camp to enjoy your tea party :)

What a wonderful tea! I love that it ends with cleaning up!

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