Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drive and Draw!

This is a very easy and simple activity, that can be hit with boys too!

One of my friend dropped in for a visit( a surpise one actually). And after a while, Putti asked to do some art work with their little boy. I had to think of something that would be entertaining to both the kids, especially the little boy and did not want anything messy, so paints was ruled out. Then, I remebered this Zooming Pens post I had seen on First Palette.
So, I just taped a long piece of easel paper to our table. Then  taped a washable marker to the end of a toy car. It was a little tricky to make sure the tip of the marker is at the same level as the base of the wheel. But with a couple of trial and errors, I got it right. The little boy loved driving his car and was amazed to see it draw as he did.
Putti loved it too and even tried driving two cars at once:)
The kids went on and on with their driving until almost all of the paper was covered in drawings. I later used that up to wrap a gift for another little boy. Putti made a matching Tape Resist Scribble card with it. Just tape 'painter's tape' to make a 4 on a card and also a little piece horizontally above it and then scribble all over it. Later remove the tape and write 'you are' in the horizontal blank area and your message inside the card!

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The paper looks awesome. This is my son's kind of art. I will have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing on Kids Co-op

Very cute! The paper looks really great, and I'm sure the kids had tons of fun making it!

Thanks for linking this fun idea to Tuesday Tots. I've featured it this week :)

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