Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Gift Wrap and Card - Celery Stamping

Doesn't this celery stamping look beautiful ?
Celery Stamping
 This post was inspired by the post seen on Geninne's Art Blog. After experimenting and learning with celery stalks about how plants absorb water, I set Putti to try some stamping/ printing with the bottom part of the celery. Have you noticed that it does look like a lovely flower? I simply poured some paint onto a little tray and she did the rest, creating beautiful prints!
Stamping with celery
Then gave her a single celery stalk to print some leaves.
Celery printing
 And as always she could not stop with one, so instead of giving her more paper, I pulled a large piece from our easel roll and taped it down for her. She loved the big size and loved printing on it.
printing for kids
 She then went to add some lovely orange and yellow too.
Vegetable prints
 Here is her finished lovely master piece!
celery prints
 And we knew one lovely little girl whose birthday was next and we wrapped her gift in this lovely hand made wrapping paper. Also made a little card to match our wrapping paper! What do you think?
DIY Gift  Wrap
Stamping is a very easy and the end product is something beautiful too. If want cleaner prints, you may try it with Stamp Pad.
Other stamping ideas:

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What beautiful wrapping paper! I bet any person would be tickled to have a present wrapped like that!

Thanks Rebekah! I love stamping becuase it is an easy method to create beautiful artwork.

wondering what type and size paper you used?

I used regular copy paper and then for the gift wrap it was just a long pice that I cut from our Melissa and Doug Easel paper roll.

lovely paper and lovely card!simple ideas are the best!I love to make things with my son.heres a gift wrapping paper we did.

We used your celery stamping idea on canvas. It looks so cool, yours is absolutely beautiful! I posted about it on my blog and linked back. http://mybuddiesandi.blogspot.ca/2012/08/celery-paint-and-stamp.html

I just love this idea! I sometimes stamp with potatoes and this is going to be a cool addition.

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