Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wakulla Wildlife Festival 2012

It has become sort of a tradition to attend the Wakulla Wildlife Festival. We love for so many reasons including playing the cool spring water. As always Putti loved touching and petting many animals  there.
'Come Be a Bear' is one of the popular activities. Where kids wear a bear coat and pretend to be little bears themselves and walk around with the volunteer learning what the bears eat during various seasons and more. Putti loved this part and even loved crawling inside the den for winters.
Then, she sat down with all of us to watch the much awaited 'Reptile Show', an Hands on reptile Encounter!
Staff from Center for Wildlife Education, Georgia Southern University talk about the benefit native species play in our environment and how exotic reptiles threaten the stability of our fragile ecosystems. Putti loved touching them and learning about them.
And as I stood there clicking pictures of Putti touching the reptiles, I was surprised by being garlanded with one of the snakes!!
And at the end of the show all kids got to touch the mighty Python. Putti was amazed to see how big it was. It felt cold and rough she said. She kept giving it a 'tail shake' as she called it:)
A closer look at the Python. My father and husband had bravely held this mighty python around their necks 4 years ago. Visit last year's post to see those photos. 
And then kids enjoyed getting their face painted, looking at various caterpillars, learning about water pollution, butterflies and much more.

 And during the 'Birds of Prey' show, they got to see many birds. But the most favorite for all kids was watching them eat their food. They all gathered around the instructor looking at the bird and were amazed at how he ate.
 A closer look..
We had to leave early due to rain. But it was a wonderful day out and will sure attend next year too.

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wow..hope ur lil one enjoyed it...

roopa , i got soft leaves and left compressed inside the books before gluing it....we did stamping also...will post in 2 days ...need to decorate it

What a neat experience! You are so brave for putting that snake around your neck. Thank you for sharing at The Outdoor Play Party, and I hope you come back again at tomorrow's play party.

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