Thursday, May 31, 2012

Preschool Science: How Plants Absorb Water

Today we learned about how plants absorb water with a simple experiment using colored water and celery stalks.
I first talked to putti about the experiment we were going to do. She does know roots help absorb water and nutrients(food) from the soil. And was very keen to learn how the water travels through the stems to reach the leaves.
  • Clear glass jar(s) or vase   
  • Celery stalks with leaves.  
  • Water 
  • Food Coloring
  • A curious preschooler(s)
  • I cut about a quarter inch off the bottom of the celery stalks. Poured some water into two clear vase. Putti loved adding food color to it and watched with excitemnt as the color mixed with water!
    She then placed one celery stalk in each of the vase with colored water.
    She rightly predicted the leaves would change colors and kept checking on the celery often. She was very excited after 4 long hours when her eyes could see a tinge of blue on the leaves! It took about 16 hrs for us to see the results below.
    Putti was so excited she wanted to show it to her best friend Shakti and she took it to her house. I showed the girls the bottom of the celery stalks and pointed to colored dots which are actaully the veins(xylem). And told them that these act like a straw for the plants.
    Inspired by CraftoArt's post, I tried to peel the top of the celery stalk to expose the veins and the girls were amazed to actually see the straws(xylem)!!!
    The water travels up tubes/xylem in the stems to all parts of the plants, and is used to make food for the plant(photosynthesis). When food coloring is added to the water, it travels with the water into the celery's stem and then into the leaves.
    We will try this with flowers next time:
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    Have you done this experiment? Would you like to try it with your kids?
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    Hi Roopashri
    I can well understand the thrill the two girls must have experienced!
    This was such an easy and interesting method to make them understand the whole concept and I am sure it will stay in their little heads forever:)

    I remember doing this experiment when I was a kid! We used white carnations instead of celery though.

    Great experiment, thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

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