Friday, May 18, 2012

Gardening 2012

We have a little patio where we used to have our own vegetable garden as you can see in the post here. We did love growing beans, tomatoes, bell peppers and much more in this space. But have minimised that to bare minimum to make space for Putti's play and outdoor art activities. So not much of gardening happening at our home since last year. But we do have a couple of pots in which putti grows what she chooses to:) 
And this year we were lucky to help one of our friends setting up their vegetable garden. She recently moved to this house and gardening is new to them and Hemanth was glad to lend a helping hand along with Putti.
Since they planned late, we did not have time for seeds, had to by plants. Putti and her friend loved visiting our local garden center, looking at the various plants and picking their own plants to grow.
They loved helping with planting. They picked out where they wanted their plants to go.
Watering them and watching them each week we meet has been great fun for Putti.
They also helped with a little vegetable garden and are now amazed looking at the tiny tomatoes and peppers growing on it.
And posing with the BIG shovels
Stay tuned for more gardening posts including some experiments with plants. 
Educators Spin on It has a wonderful series of posts on Gardening with Kids that you should check out.

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Gardening is a great way for kids to enjoy the outdoors and a great project to watch their gardens grow. I would love you to join me on my Country Kids linky with this post too.

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