Monday, May 21, 2012

Gardening with Kids - Grow plants in shape of their first initials

Putti and her friend loved helping plant some vegetable and flowering pants. And I knew they would love to watch seeds sprout and grow into plants. To make it more Fun, I helped them scatter the seeds in the shape of their first initials. Yes! both girls names start with S.
Gardening with Kids 
  1. This is a simple project that can be grown at any time of the year – as long as you have a light windowsill to grow them on. 
  2. We used Fenugreek seeds as that is available in plenty in my pantry and also we love to eat it in salads, curry, rice etc. You could use Cress seeds, grass or wheat berries. 
  3. For the container – margarine tubs, mushroom container – anything that will hold your seeds works! We used a flat tray. 
  4. For soil -Compost, kitchen roll or cotton wool can be used. We used potting mix as that is plenty at home now
It started to rain when we started this, so had to move our trays inside the garage for the girls. I first wrote the letter 'S' on the potting mix. It is not very clearly visible in the photo below.
Gardening with Kids
And then gave some seeds Putti and her friend. They both carefully put them over the S I had written. I made sure they picked very little seeds each time, to avoid scattering.
Gardening for Kids
 Both the girls did a great job in sowing the seeds.
Gardening for kids
You can see the seeds in the shape of S here. I gave the third tray for them to sow seeds in any way they like. You can cover the seeds with little soil, just a bit though it is not necessary.
And then water the soil. We got our tray home. And Putti loved watering it everyday and watching it grow. Make sure the compost, cotton wool or kitchen roll is kept wet. You will need to water daily as the seeds won’t grow if they’re allowed to dry out. In just a week’s time, it had reached about 5cm and the girls were super excited! Notice that part of Putti's S was washed off due to heavy rain on day 1 and the tray was kept right below our rain gutter:((
Initials Cress  
  • We may try growing the seeds in more than one container at the same time, with say soil in one and cotton wool in another so that we can compare.
  • If the seeds are sown too thickly they might not grow as strong or healthy as they will all be fighting for space and light.
  • If they forget to water them they will become limp (as we do). If they are overwatered they might not germinate as they will be starved of oxygen and drown!
  • You could try this any shape too, It would be fun to grow hearts for Valentine's Day.
  • I had seen this idea on I Can Grow It
  • The Imagination Tree grew Cress Initials on Cotton Balls.
We read the book "The Surprise Garden" by Zoe Hall. Three little kids are planting the seeds for a surprise garden. Can you guess what we will grow?  Trace the progress as they loosen the soil, sow seeds in, water the garden, and watch the small green shoots grow. Surprise! The little gardeners find carrots and radishes, broccoli and cauliflower, peas, beans, squash, and even a sunflower. When it's harvest time, the children have a garden party to eat all their delicious produce :)

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Such a beautiful idea and creating something that they will be able to keep coming back to.

I agree this is a fab idea. Thanks for sharing.

How amazing the letters turned out! You could do an entire alphabet garden with those skills :) Pinned it! Thanks for sharing.

Brilliant, what a great idea, thanks so much for adding this to outdoor play link up this week too. Kierna

this is such a brilliant idea for literacy. I didn't know fenugreek grew so fast.

I'm sure it was so exciting to watch the plants grow in the shape of their initials. Great idea!

What a cute idea! I'm definitely going to try this with my girls! Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party. Sharing now on fb.

This is an awesome idea. I've never planted fenugreek - might have to try it!

Fabulous idea! great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday, thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you so much for sharing this neat idea! I'm featuring this post at the Kid's Co-op this week.

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