Sunday, April 1, 2012

Play in the sand at the Sand Festival

Putti had a great time today, playing in the sand for a long time!! 
We had a sand festival for the first time in our city and Putti did not want to miss it. There were exhibits created by award winning professional sand sculptures too.
 And oh boy, did she have fun! Stomping the sand, feeling it, using molds and toys. It was a blast for putti and all the other kids. No one wanted to go home ;) Living on a 2nd floor apartment, we do not have a sand box at home. She loves to play with sand at her school and when we visit beach. 
 There was a competition too and some groups had really done cool sculptures.
 All in all a fun filled day for Putti.

Children have loads of FUN playing in the sand while learning and developing new skills!!!
  • Running sand through fingers or toes and enjoying the texture is relaxing and great sensory play.
  • The whole body is exercised as the kids stomp, dig, scoop, sift and pour the sand, strengthening their large motor skills. Standing and walking in the loose sand itself helps maintain overall balance and coordination.
  • Playing together in the sand calls for sharing, negotiation and taking turns.
  • What happens to sand when water is added? and other simple experiments are great learning opportunities
  • As the sand is poured and measured, kids learn about more and less, full and empty etc.
  • Sand is great for mark making. Kids love using fingers or sticks to write letters, numbers, shapes etc. 
  • Read this article on Little Red Hen and this one to learn more about benefits of sand play.
  • Love this DIY Sandbox at the Golden Gleam.
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Wow, I loved this festival. Looks so much fun!

I LOVE sand sculptures. In Orissa, where I lived during my childhood days, we used to go often to the beaches in Puri and nearby to watch the artists working deftly on giant sand sculptures. In last few years, the beaches of Orissa have attracted sand artists from around the world. Infact, now there's a Sand art festival that happens every year on the Chandrabhaga beach in Puri.

Sand play is irresistible!

How lovely to watch those amazing sand sculptures!! Yes I have read about Puri's famous Sand Art Festival and the Institute started by the artist Sudarshan Pattnaik. Infact I had blogged about him in my other blog which is in kannada here

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