Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Water Painting on Chalkboard

Water Painting on Chalkboard is simply FUN !!
 It is a known fact that you dont need expensive toys to entertain a child. And in the same way you do not need an elaborate activity for a little kid. Something as simple as water painting  can keep them occupied for long time. It might seem too simple or boring to us adults, but Putti is really fascinated by this activity. 
  • All you need is just some water, a couple of paintbrush and a chalkboard. 
  • It is great because the chalkboard dries off and she keeps creating new pictures without the need for more paper. 
  • I put very little water in the cup, in case it gets tipped over I only have a little water to clean up.
  • She sometimes writes letters or draws something with chalk and then trace over it with paintbrush and water. This is a great activity for building hand-eye coordination.
  • This is a great activity which requires no supervision and not much to clean up too.
  • You could color the chalkboard with chalks like The Imagination Tree to provide a colorful background.
  • You can try it outdoors too like on Tinkerlab here

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Yes Roopa..water painting is simple and simply fun:)
Dayanita loves water painting..I would like to share the link..

Thank you Shailaja. Love looking at ur daughter's water painting on slate:)

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