Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playdough Play - Clipo Toy Prints

Putti spent a long time today playing with playdough and made prints using one of her toy Clipo.
Putti plays with playdough almost daily, sometimes more than once. She is fascinated with it and her favorite thing to do with it is to press, pinch and squeeze it with her fingers. Another favorite is to press various things like fork, blocks, cars etc into the playdough. And today she had chosen Clipo from her toys.
 She loved all the little dot prints that it made...
After a while, she picked up a plastic knife and cut around it..

 She made some of it as a mat for her toys to ride on...
 A hat for this lady, because it is sunny (thats what she told me)
 Other shapes she cut, for some of which she used her scissors and I cut the big triangle for her.

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I love the texture it adds to the playdough.

Looks like fun! There's nothing my kids love more than play-doh. They think they've struck the jackpot when I pull it out.

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