Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playdoh Easter Eggs with Beads and Sequins

Putti made these lovely Playdough Easter Eggs and decorated them with beads and sequins.
Putti was playing with playdough again today. She had grabbed some things from her toys as always. After a while I noticed she was making prints with the plastic easter eggs. And one of them opened vertically and made a perfect egg shape. I did not even know she had that, maybe she got this one from her Dinosuar party at school recently. Well I loved the playdoh eggs and asked her if she wanted to decorate them? And she said "Sure! Amma love to". 
playdoh easter eggs
 So, she rolled the playdough and cut out some eggs off it.
playdoh easter eggs
 I remembered these lovely Beaded salt dough ornaments at Mommylabs and gave putti some beads. She then started decorating her eggs, by pushing the beads into the playdough.
 Here is her first beaded egg.
playdough easter eggs
 What a beautiful bunch of eggs these are.
Next, she asked for sequins and decorated more eggs with them. Love how some of the sequins are placed vertically, standing as she said !! Aren't these lovely?
I could not resist making some eggs, but loved making the little dots and joined in with me for a while. But she loved the beads and sequins more.
playdough easter eggs

  • I want to save atleast a couple of these, though I don't know if playdoh can be kept for long. I think I will apply a coat of modpodge over a couple of these and then glue a magnet strip on its back.
  • Small kids can enjoy decoarating their playdough easter eggs too. But may need help with rolling the dough and cutting.
  • Salt dough eggs would look great and they can be painted too.
We read the Book - Ollie's Easter Eggs by Olivier Dunrea. Gossie and her friends are dyeing Easter eggs. Little Ollie shouts that he wants some too. After each of the other geese hides a brightly colored egg somewhere on the farm, Ollie stealthily removes it. Soon the others begin searching for their stashes, while Ollie is preparing a surprise. 
What Easter Decorations are your kids making/ made?
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Wow, these turned out gorgeous. Putti was so smart to use one half of the plastic egg to cut out those eggy shapes. Thank you for the link-love :)
Good thought to apply a coat of modpodge over these.

These are lovely! Could be quite an open ended activity with child tackling at many levels!
I'm planning to use air hardening clay to encourage children to make and decorate a 3D egg shape at my Easter family art sessions. I'm sure some might make a flat egg shape or maybe their clay might become a chick!!!!? It's good to let the child have freedom to create!
Lisa Butler (Let's Create and Make)

What a creative idea to use plastic eggs as shape cutters!! I love the use of sequins and beads with the playdough. I would love to see pictures of magnets once you make them. =)

They have turned out so well. I love your little cutter and lovely beads!

What a great use for the eggs and beads! Good thing we just bought a bag of beads yesterday. I think I will use cookie cutters to make the eggs, because our eggs split in the middle.

Thank you everyone! @Lyndsay, I did not even know we get eggs that open vertically. Cookie cutters would work great too. Let me know how yours turn out.

Fun! And so colourful! Wonderful Easter activity!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

Maggy & Alissa

Hi, just to let you know I featured this great post on my round up for Kids Co-op.

This is a great idea and they look so pretty! It would be lovely if your'd like to share this with our Spring Carnival :)

What a great idea. Children can start to explore pattern making without have to re-draw. Super colourful idea.

Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tots! I am featuring this one, too, on In Lieu of Preschool: Please feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Off to pin!

Thank you friends! It sure was a fun activity.

Emma, yes kids can practise pattern making too :)

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