Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Play and Learn with Crayons

Crayon Play and Learn. 
This simple box of crayons has been used a lot, more than many other expensive toys. For all of their coloring and drawing fun they are a wonderful and simple learning tool also. Here are some of our photos to share how Putti has been playing while learning with crayons.
 Make alphabets.... N,W,V,A,L and I
 Simple geometric shapes. You can use broken crayons to make rectangles.
 I thought this was a couple of rooms for her, which she often makes. Putti corrected me saying it is a Ladder, which this little girl is climbing up.
Sunburst!! Putti made the one on the left and I showed her how she extend it to make it a bigger one and she joined in and completed it...
 An abstract artwork 
  Putti and her friend. She was looking for pompoms for the eyes, when I suggested she might use broken bits of crayon and it worked perfectly well.
What other ways do you use your crayons ?

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Roopa... these are great ideas! I really love those cute little people!

Thanks Terri! Simple play and learn ideas are a hit at home:) Oh she is obsessed with faces and peoples:)

Cute ideas -- I love repurposing simple things for learning.

Great idea Roopa. I had opened a new pack of crayons today. Will try with my three year old. Don't think she can make something precise so let's see what she comes up with.

Great idea roopa! I'm unable to see the comment box so i'm just commenting on the reply!

Great idea roopa! I was unable to see the comment box first time! wonder whats the problem??
you can use pencils too!

Roopa,that's a very creative way to use crayons indeed! Loved all the crayon creations. Very unique piece of work.

These are brilliant! Little putti has such a range of imagination. Those crayon people are cute!
I'd seen her shapes/designs made with buds/q-tips as well. They were cute too!
Simple activities are always fun, aren't they!

Brilliant. Putti teaches us how imaginative children can get when we appreciate autonomy in them.

Roopa ..this is brilliant piece of work by Putti,i liked it very much.Now i'm looking for new crayon box in my home for my little daughter and will have fun.

Thank you! Simple activities are always best:)

Thank you Mansi. You will be surprised with what kids can come up with. Even if they dont make anything, they will have fun:)

Esther, Thanks for commenting again:)Will keep an eye to see if the comment box has any problem. Oh yes, pencil would work too.

Thank you Haripriya! Simple ideas for play:)

Thank you Rashmie!! Hope her imagination and creativeness never dies:)

Thank you Ashu! Hope your daughter enjoys playing with it, as said in the post qtips, craft sticks anything will work:)

Great fun with crayons. Love it!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! Great to see you there!

Maggy & Alissa

love it! thanks so much for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday!

Simple, easy and interesting! Will go well for my 1.5 yr old also :)

Wow! These are great Putti. She is very good with making patterns - I saw your craft stick patterns as well. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Really appreciate it.

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