Thursday, March 15, 2012

Packing Peanut Play

What's more fun on a lazy afternoon than playing with a big box of packing peanuts?!

I got a big package in mail the other day and it came in a box full of packing peanuts. Now, being the indulgent mother that I am, I gave the box to Putti and told its all hers to have fun. If you’re a cleanliness freak or afraid of mess, beware as this is going to be a messy one. She dug her hands deep into the box full of peanuts and soon was playing with it and throwing them up in the air like snow.
Then, she invited me to join her to have a fake snow fight. Oh boy, we did have fun!!
She then amused herself for quite some time swimming in the peanuts and also trying to make snow angels!

This is what happens when you receive a big bag of packing peanuts !! Isn't this is a perfect play? Packing peanut play entertained Putti for a long time.
So it was messy, yes, some of the peanuts got crushed, but it was not difficult to sweep up. Have you played with packing peanuts? Will you let your kids play with packing peanuts?
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Aw, it looks like Putti had so much fun! I loved playing with these when I was little. What kid doesn't right? Great post! <3

Soooo much fun!!! I would love to play with packing peanuts too :)


It's wonderful how you play games with daughter! every single time it's pleasure for me to read and look your posts.

So cute. This reminds me of when my girls were about 3 and they got into styrofoam in our basement while I was upstairs trying to make dinner for a minute. They yelled, "Mommy, we made snow!!!" At first that sounded cute until I realized what they meant. They had scraped the styrofoam so that it was teeny tiny pieces all over the floor, just like snow. Thank goodness for shop vacs and basements : )

Love these pictures!!! My kids love playing with packing peanuts - and yes, I let them!

One word, mama: Awesome! What great images of your baby girl.

That's so great that you just let her make a huge mess with the foam. Kids need to enjoy mess sometimes! Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday. : )

What brilliant fun. Excellent photos :-)

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


So much fun! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

That looks like the BEST time! I want to order something through the mail just so we can get some packing peanuts! Thanks so much for linking up on the Weekly Kid's Co-Op!

Thank you everyone for all your comments and likes!! We do love having fun with simple things and if its messy then more FUN!!

2 weeks ago I bought a bookcase and my boys (6 & 3) helped - for awhile. I let them play with the foam that came in the box so I could finish. . . they used the tools and made "snow." I was able to finish and put it up and then sit back and watch. They also had fun helping me vacuum it up and it didn't take as much to clean up as I was fearing.

That is great to hear! Isn't simple play the best? :)

Looks like she had a great time! My 4-year-old likes to play with packing peanuts too. We also use them for collages. :)

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