Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monoprint on Styrofoam Plate

These are some of the  beautiful monoprints on styrofoam plate, which Putti made today.
I used a oval foam plate like this and cut it into a rectangle. You could use take out food container, meat and produce trays. Or can buy these Scratch-Foam® Boards  
Putti chose red and blue Crayola Washable Kids Paint. I squeezed a little bit onto the foam sheet and she spread it around with the roller sponge brush. A regular brush will work too, but I love the texture that the sponge makes.
I added more paint as needed and she spread it until all of the foam was covered.. 

Then she used a Q-tip to draw on the paint. 

Here's here completed design..
She put a paper over it and pressed to pick up the print.
Pulling the paper to reveal the print is lots of fun.
Here's her first monoprint. 
She went on and on painting, drawing and making monoprints. She made a lot of them as you can see. So many patterns and shapes were explored. Please note that prints are mirror image so make sure you write the 'mirrored image' while drawing words. Note her name printed in reverse, she then wanted to make another on which i wrote her name.
There’s so much fun in pulling prints and it's like magic each time. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do it with your kids.

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Very good idea. We have pressed the image into the foam using sharp pencil.. but this one is even easier. And it is a good fun pulling the prints because they are all so different!
Have a nice Sunday :)

This awesome! My Kids will have so much fun. I'm a new follower and if it is not to much come by my blog and follow me to.
Thanks, Rose
PS. I'm looking for some guest bloggers to fill in for me next month. I think your blog is just the kind of thing my readers would love. If your interested, it can be anything old or new. Contact me and let me know what you think.

Thanks! Yes, we do that too but with this method you can a different pattern/ drawing each time:)

Thank you Rose. I am off to check your blog.

I will see what I have for a post for ur blog.

Love it ... do you recommend just regular ink jet type of paper or something thicker like cardstock?

Wonderful! We so need to do this someday soon.. off to pin it!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! Great to see you there!

Maggy & Alissa

Most of the times we use regular copy paper, but if you are going to make cards then would suggest cardstock.

Thank you! I am sure redted and little pip would love it too:)

Thanks maggy for the opportunity to share.

Love, love, love! I am inspired and must do this week!!

This is such a great idea! So simple and so much fun. Thanks for linking up to The Weekly Kid's Co-Op!

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