Monday, March 12, 2012

Holi Celebrations

Here are some of the colorful faces from our Holi, the Festival of Colors Celebrations. 
 Putti really enjoyed applying color to her friends and getting herself covered in a riot of colors. 
 Unlike last year, when we had a small celebration at home, this time we went to the Holi Celebration organised by our Indian Association, who did a wonderful job of organising this event. There was plenty of colors, awesome food, music and friends.... what else do you need to enjoy:)

It was the first time for many kids there. But they all enjoyed wishing each other 'Happy Holi' while smaering with colors and more colors
 You never get tired of coloring your best friend, do you?
 Such colorful friends...
 Though it was the first time for many kids, they all seem to know to avoid eyes and apply color to the cheeks. Putti would offer one cheek after the other for her friends:)
 Everyone there were covered in colors and enjoyed it!

Hope those of you who celebrate Holi had a colorful time with family and friends!

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Oh wow!! That looks like so much fun, and I am glad to see Putti got into the color play! Did they use a powdered color? I went to our local Indian store and they had powdered colors for Holi, but unfortunately, they didn't list the ingredients so I couldn't bring them to her preschool class.

Thank you Rebekah. Yes its the powdered color, some kids kid have water guns too. But these colors washed off really well from cloths unlike what we get in India. I have asked the committee members for details will let you know.
Yes, I saw those colors at our Indian store too without ingredients.

Nice to see Holi celebration Putti has grown so fast! after long time I visited your blog

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