Saturday, March 24, 2012

Decorate Felt Mango Leaf for Yugadi

Kids decorated these felt mango leaves with sequins for Yugadi, the Hindu New Year !!
After brainstorming for activities to do with Putti for Yugadi, our New year, I let putti do some simple crayon rubbings on leaf. Yugadi does come in beginning of spring and it was perfect given that I was not too well to do any elaborate activity with her.
But, then I did want to do something nicer with all the kids at a friends get together for the festival. I wanted something that depicts yugadi. Mango leaves and neem are very symbolic of Yugadi. So, I cut felt in shape of mango leaves and attached a piece of magnet on the back.
All the kids gathered eagerly for the activity. They all wished each other 'Happy Yugadi' and I did talk a little bit about Yugadi and its significance. Then gave them each a leaf, some glue, a cotton swab and some sequins to decorate their leaves.  
 All the kids got busy decorating their leaves. While the 2 older kids made some lovely patterns. The younger kids enjoyed sticking the sequins. They had fun dumping, mixing and then sorting the sequins too.
Once they finished decorating the leaves to heart's content, they handed the leaves to us to dry. There were two curious babies watching their elder siblings doing some craft.  
 Here's another look at the gorgeous leaves decorated by the kids. They all had a little something to take some and put on the fridge doors at the end of the day!
 These decorated felt mango leaves would make a lovely garland too.

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Dear Roopa and Putti!!
that is mighty creative!! Wish you a great Yugadi..and take care
malathi S

Looks like the little ones enjoyed Yugadi!

So pretty!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

Maggy & Alissa

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