Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bubble Paint - Virtual Holi with Cousins

Putti and I have been talking a lot about the festival of colors, Holi. We watched some videos and photos on the web. I told her how people celebrate the day by coloring family and friends. She wanted to know whom she can apply the color to? I told her she can do it to her friends when we attend the holi celebrations organised by our Indian association on this weekend. But she said she wanted to 'play colors with her favorite cousins'. So, I had to come up with this idea of a virtual holi play with cousins.
I drew a simple body outline (omitted hands and feet to make cutting easier for putti) and she cut it. Then printed her cousins photos and glued it to the little body outline 
And then I added some food coloring to bubble solution and she was all set to blow the colorful bubbles on to her cousins!! But, it did not work really well, not much bubbles were reaching the paper

And she had to get really close to the paper.
Soon, she came up with her own idea of flickering the bubble wand and splatter paint similar to what she did with body tracing and splatter painting
And here are her colorful cousins
Wishing all my friends a very happy and colorful Holi !!!

Here are some books about Holi:
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This is so sweet roopa! a virtual holi! Makes me senti

Thanks Esther! This is the only way she can celebrate with her cousins who live faraway.

Loved this Idea Roopa. Love the way you are bringing up your child .
Happy Holi :)

chooo lovely putty, suhani is missing you... come home soon :-) n hai happy holliiiiiiiiii..

Thank you suma! Hope you a colorful holi!!

We miss suhani too. Hope you all had fun at holi:)

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