Saturday, March 3, 2012

Body Tracing and Splatter Painting for Holi

We made this body tracing and splatter painting as part of our Holi celebrations.
Putti gets to play with paint very often. So, for our festival of colors holi I wanted to do some special painting activity with her. Body tracing and then painting it seemed a perfect idea. She had loved this body tracing in school and then painting it at home we had done last time. Also, this would be just like painting herself with colors which is what we do on holi, paint ourselves and friends with bright colors.
I pulled off some paper from her easel and taped two long pieces together along the back to make the paper big enough. She laid down on the paper and i traced her outline with a black marker(use a crayon so that it does not mark dress). She giggled when i traced her ticklish feet. Then she wanted to cut it out just like we had done last time. I allowed her to go ahead (big mistake.. should have let her cut after painting) 
She also wanted to trace and cut around my outline, which her appa(dad) helped her do it.  Then we moved out and set the paper body silhouettes on our sidewalks and put some rocks on it to keep it from flying.
 Put one brush in each of the paint bottles so as to avoid mixing of colors.
 And she was all set to paint by flicking her wrists. See the paper flying off, it would've been easier to hold the paper had we not cut the outline.
 Appa had to go for his cricket game, but did some splatters before he left.
 She went on and on flickering and splattering the paint all over the silhouettes.
 She did not like paint on her face and kept asking me to wipe it for her. Soon it started to rain and we had to run inside. It was a great challenge for me to pull everything inside fast and in doing so a part of the silhouette ripped a bit, but I taped it after it dried.
 Here are the two painted body silhouettes. I love the position in which Putti laid down for tracing, wish I had been creative like her.
 The next time we do this body tracing and splatter painting:

  • Will do it with a couple of her friends. I think all the kids painted silhouettes together will look great.
  • Do it on poster board taped together so it is more firm.
  • Cutting the outline only after painting.
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Cool Roopa! Personally I don't like festival of Holi because of the colors thrown on the people.. but this is fun!

That was quick esther:) Yes, this way you can enjoy the festival without getting dunked in colors!!

But i do LOVE throwing colors:-)

Wow ,this one of cool way to celebrate Holi.I liked the idea,wanted to try body tracing.

Great idea :) Can you tell me the best place to buy the big paper roll?

Thank you! I buy mine from Ikea as I have their easel, so want something that fits it too:)

I love this idea and will definitely do with my kidlets. Thanks for the inspiration! I some across this post on pinterest.

Body tracing is amazing ....Nice....
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Happy Holi to all of you....

This is stunning!! I adore this and will do it with Aodhan as soon as we have some good weather here in Canada. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely idea.
Happy Holi!

Cool :) :) :) MI am sure this is going to be lots of fun :)

What a brilliant idea - I love the explosion of colours from the splatter painting - but it wouldn't be Holi art without many colours :D.

Thank you for sharing with Tuesday Tots

Beautiful and isn't the splatting just perfect for Holi! Love it.

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Thank you! Hope you get to try it with ur kid.

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