Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Animals on Bag

Dont you think this little Piggy is cute:)
Rachelle at Tinkerlab hosts a Creative Challenges bi-monthly. Have a look at the previous Cardboard Box and Magazine Challenges. The material chosen for this time was 'Paper Bag'. And the challenge is growing bigger and is now open to everyone. Keep reading to find out how you can join and maybe win some exciting prizes too!!
We do not use paper bags much in our home, except for the gift bags. So, I had these 3 bags gifted to us by a kind neighbor of ours:)
At first, I had no idea what we could make out of these. And once the bags were home, I asked Putti " Can we make something out of these?". She said "Sure, maybe make some pigs". Hmm pigs, "okay, how do you plan to make it?" I asked her. She said "maybe we can cut pictures of pigs from books and glue it". Well, so off we went digging through all our old magazines and papers. But not a single piggy photo in any of those. I tried to suggest maybe we can make something else, but she was adamant on making a Pig.
So, I to ask the google god for an answer and found this which was perfect given that Valentines day is right around the corner. So, first Putti cut 2 hearts from a pink construction paper and for the rest, we used the craft foam stickers left over form "Hearts Tree"

First glued the larger heart on the bottom of the bag, which becomes the body of the pig..

Then, glue in the little heart which is the head...

Then add heart stickers for the legs, mouth, ears and tail....

And this is how our cute little piggy looks!

And later that week, we happened to read the book "My Heart Is Like a Zoo" which is filled with collages of Zoo animals all of them in heart shapes.

Here's a great video of the book trailer

Inspired by this lovely book, we made more heart shaped animals... a bear, an owl and the pig!

And a cute caterpillar too...

Here is the list of all the wonderful bloggers taking part in this wonderful event:
  • Now, you can join this too. Link one and only one of your posts about the paper bag to the linky below.
  • If you dont have a post yet, you have time until this month end to make, share and link.
  • If you don’t have a blog, you can still enter! Simply upload your project onto an online photo storage site like Flickr or Picasa and share your photo’s URL in the link party.
  • Tinkerlab will add you to their Paper Bag Creative Challenge Pinterest Board. They’ll ‘Pin” the image that you’ve uploaded to the Link Party, and share the description that you added to your link.
  • The Pinterest Post with the most “repins” by 9 pm PST February 29, 2012 will win a $100 VISA gift card and three-month subscription to Kiwi Crate, courtesy of Kiwi Crate (subscription is only available to U.S. participants).
  • To be eligible to win, you need to link up one post to the linky and add a photo or link in the comments on Tinkerlab's this post.
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These are too cute for words! I am smiling at Putti's idea of making Pig and ONLY pig! haha. Kids and their vision! We adults ought to respect it..!

I love heart animals. We were going to do some of these! I absolutely love the book : My Heart is Like a Zoo! I would of mentioned the book too! Great minds think alike.

I guess, this is also wonderful for kids activities. They could develop their creativity at the same time they enjoy doing these stuffs.

This is an awesome way in recycling paper. You can turn that paper clutter into something really cute as this one. My kids will definitely love this. Thanks!

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