Monday, February 27, 2012

Printing with Pasta

Today, Putti had loads of fun Stamping with Pasta!!!

I am not a great fan of Pasta, but love the various shapes it comes in. Putti and her dad love eating Pasta, so it is in my pantry often. Each time I let Putti choose a different shape of Pasta. This week she chose the flower shaped 'Fiori' and while cooking with it, I thought maybe we can try to print/stamp with it and thats what she did this afternoon.
At first, I had to glue the pasta onto a cork, so that it would make easier for Putti to hold. Wanted to try Rotini, but did not have more corks so glued onto old glue sticks. Then pulled out our Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stamp Pad. You could make your stamp pad too. Just put a dab of paint on a cup/lid and then place a scrap of felt over the paint and dab it a couple of times so that the paint soaks through the felt. Your stamp pad is ready to use. You need a little paint, but Putti did pour a lot of orange as you can see below..
And then, she was all set to stamp....
The whole floral design did not appear, maybe the central part was not touching the paper, but still made some lovely flower prints..

She wanted to make a rainbow, so i drew a bow for her and she stamped on top of it..
The Rotini pasta made some interesting patterns too...
 Do you see the alphabets A, Y, V, X, M and a house here?
And here's some lovely flowers..
Have you ever tried printing/ stamping with pasta?

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Roopa that's so lovely prints.Good job by Putti,i liked rainbow made by those prints...hey i liked making own stamp pad idea too,will surely make one for my daughter.

Don't they look pretty? The flower pasta came out SO WELL! Lovely indeed.

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


I love how you attached the pasta to the cork to make a DIY stamper. That is a clever idea! Thanks for sharing.

What a great idea...thanks for sharing your lovely pics and inspiration. My twins are a little young for this one yet but shall keep it in mind!

That's a great idea and I love the way you've recycled the old glue sticks

Thank you ashu! try it with ur daughter and let me know.

Thank you maggy!! And thanks for the linky:)

Thank you! Had to work around to make it easier for her to hold:)

Thank you Jode for the comments. Hope ur twins enjoy when they get a chance:)

Thank you! I did not have enough corks so had to look for alternative and found some old glue sticks:)

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