Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Writing on Receipt Paper Roll

Putti has a new writing tool and she loves it !!!
Putti loves to write on anything and everything paper/salt/chalkboard/whiteboard. Writing names especially her's is a favorite though and she does it often in her finger painting and shaving cream drawings too. She loved writing a reply when she got her first letter from a dear friend. But like most other 4yr olds, she starts right in the middle of the paper and hence often runs out of space. I dont get in her way help her with this, as I know she will soon learn it herself except for while writing on 'Thank you' or birthday cards. When she ran out of space, I would suggest her to move to next line, which worked for sometime. But very soon started complaining that if she moves to next line the name/word will not 'look' right!! (She writes from memory and knows how her name or other words she writes often look). Some days she picks a new paper and starts fresh. But lots of days we have had meltdowns for this matter.
Recently, there was a discussion about this very subject on Hands on: As we grow's facebook page. I really loved some tips suggested there:
  • Use big spaces like easel.
  • Tape strips of paper into long pieces that can be folded and refolded like a book.
  • Use a roll of receipt paper. Because the paper is narrow, the edges almost serve as lines.
  • Add a little sticker to the left hand corner of the page, serves as a starting point indicator.
  • Try a sentence strip
  • Model writing and talk about it say something like "Look - there is that ceiling - I keep bumping letter A's head on that ceiling up there
I picked up a roll of receipt paper. I wanted to make a dispenser sort of thing, so that the roll stays at place and it is easy for her to just pull the paper as and when she needs it. So I put the roll inside a card box, my electric fragrance box which already had a little opening. If not you could just cut a small slit in the sides of the box for the paper to come out.
Putti loved the new ribbon paper as she called it. See how she started right in the middle of the paper.
No more frustration and meltdowns over running out of space while writing. All she had to do was just pull the roll of paper as and when she needed.The more she wrote, the paper rolled down to the table side...
Creating ribbons of words...
Do you have any tips you use to help an emerging writer?

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Hi Roopa! Your blog is one of the ten blogs I passed The Versatile Blogger Award on to today! Check it: Best!

What a wonderful post! How sweet it must have been to watch the roll of paper with names on it get longer and longer. I'm going to have to buy some receipt paper for C now after seeing this, I bet she would love it just as much as Putti!

Oooh I remember occasionally getting my hands on paper like this as a child and LOVING it! Such fun to work with different shaped paper. I love the idea of a "Ribbon of Words"..

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Thank you for the lovely award, will check it!

Oh yes and she has drawn pictures and made a story too. I am sure ur girl will love it too.

Now its becoming a strip of pictures and story ribbons too:)

Thanks for the chance to share at ur linky maggy!

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