Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ice and Salt Art

Putti has been asking to paint with Ice as we have done in the past, but I just cannot find our Ice cube trays. And then I remembered seeing this great idea on The Artful Parent last summer and wanted to give it a try. I just froze water in a couple of  bowls and gave Putti the Ice, some water colors (She wanted ONLY green and blue, no other colors) and salt. Left her to just play with it and explore what happens as I watched her.

At first, she just played with the ice, tried stacking them and enjoyed the cool feeling on her palms:)

Then she dropped the colors on the ice and watched it slowly drip. She then went on adding salt and more colors and more salt. She loved watching the ice melt and the colors running  through the cracks in the ice.

This is a very open-ended activity, so there’s really no right or wrong way to do it. If you first add the salt, it will melt the ice faster, creating tunnels and cracks in it. Then if you add the water colors, it will run through the cracks that the salt made in the ice. But it does not have to be done that way, see you can see anyway you do it you can see that cool effect:)

The entire activity was like a mini-science lesson. We talked about the physical reaction of salt on ice and also the concept of solids transforming to liquids. This also promotes hand-eye coordination and using those pipettes is great for building fine motor skills.

All in all a wonderful activity, which we will be repeating with more ice and more colors and maybe do it outside next time!!

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this is one of our favorite activities! they look like little geodes. thanks for sharing. beautiful!

Oh yes you are right, they do look like geodes! Thanks.

What a fun activity. I am pinnning this to do with my little ones sometime soon. Great photos too!

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