Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Foot Book !!!

The Foot Book is a classic Dr Seuss book!! 
Putti loved to count how many feet were in the book. She learnt that when there is one its called 'Foot' and more than one is 'Feet'. I talked about the words 'singular' and 'plural'. 

We traced around our feet and Putti cut them. Then used a ruler and showed Putti how to use it to measure it with inches and/or centimeters. 
 Then talked to her about non-standard methods of measurement and how so many other things can be used to measure. She chose to use cents(coins), paper clips and cheerios. I first had her estimate (guess) how much she thought each feet will measure with each of those. She recorded her guess on her clipboard. Then got to business with measuring each of our feet !! 

Putti wanted to measure both her feet. When asked "She said they look the same size, but I want to measure" :-)
Placing the coins, paperclips and measuring is great for fine motor skills too. And recording data and comparing our guesses with actual measurements was a great lesson !!

Next, we looked for the opposite words in the book and a made a list of them:
  • left-right 
  • morning-night
  • wet-dry
  • high-low
  • front-back
  • slow-quick
  • up-down
  • big-small

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I love the measuring with nonstandard measurement tools! Also, great idea to look for opposites in this book! This is a favorite book in our house. We try to stomp every time we hear the word foot (or feet). Makes for a rowdy read but it's fun for the boys!

What a wonderful hands-on math activity! I featured your post and photo in my 50+ Montessori-Inspired Dr. Seuss Activities post at

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