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Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Photos !!!

Putti had a FUNtastic 4th birthday party with the theme, 'Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Please do click on each link to see individual posts about each decoration and or food details.

This shirt was hand painted by her dad, when the  caterpillar applique for the shirt that I ordered from etsy did not come in time. Oh she loved this one a lot!!

At her party venue with her friend.

 This plate was a joint effort of both me and putti, i drew the circles and she colored them in...
 The big plush caterpillar toy that is one of her favorite toys at home. Her friends love playing with it whenever they visit home, as you can in this photo.
 Balloon caterpillar - I painted the eyes and the mouth on it and taped the brown antennae and legs!
 The craft tables all set with caterpillar place cards, crowns and mugs for the kids to decorate...
 The caterpillar goody bags with caterpillar thank you cards and chocolates inside them..
 I asked all the kids to sign the book 'Very Hungry caterpillar' for putti !!
 Kids busy decorating their caterpillar crowns with glitter foam stickers and rhinestones...
They loved their crowns !!!

The other activity was decorate your own mugs and kids loved doing it. Some colored caterpillars, after mommies drew it for them. While other kids went abstract !!!

Putti's mug :)

Putti in her other birthday dress sent to her by my brother from Cardiff, UK!! 
  The 'hungry caterpillar' cake, Thank you Kathy!!
 Putti with her cake
Friends at cake cutting...
 Playing and posing with the big plush caterpillar toy !!
 Packed in her car to go back home for more balloon play....
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Great Job!!!!!! Very inspirational. My daughter's birthday is coming up and she is asking for a tinkerbel theme. Any ideas? Your post has inspired me to be creative than going on a hunt for products in the market.

O my gosh - such a 'caterpillar-y' party all the way! both of you worked so hard -really - and everything is so fantastic - right from decor to food! fabulous!!
I loved the hand-painted mugs and plates...

What a wonderful party! It looks like so much fun!

it is fantastic to have fun with kids, the beautiful creature of the world. The beautiful smiles can be seen on kids faces.
Clowns in Broward

That is such a great idea to have the guests sign her book for her! And the shirt is beautifully painted!

Great party! You did a wonderful job of pulling the theme together.

That looks like such a fun party! Great planning and pulling it off. I've only done big parties for the first birthdays and both of those weren't very good, lol I need to hire you!

What a wonderful party!!! That shirt is adorable - the painting is cuter than an applique would have been, I think!

What a happy looking party! We did a little themed week a while back, think we are going to re-visit the book soon with some new inspiration now!

what a fabulous birthday theme! LOVE it! so many fun touches/ideas in place to make an adorable & memorable party!

Such a fabulous party! You went all out with the details - I love it!

Thanks everyone for the likes and comments:) I did enjoy putting it all together and Putti loved having this as her activity for one whole week!!

lol Alecia !! She is only one I have, so got to make it big each year:)

Oh yes, we have got the applique now.. but she loves the shirt her appa painted for her. I did not know my hubby can paint:))

What fun!!! You really went all out & created a beautiful memory for your daughter. I threw my baby a Hungry Caterpiallar 1st birthday in the fall - we had so much fun. I'd love for you to link this up tomorrow at my TGIF LInky Party - - I know my readers would love it too!
Beth =-)

@Jackie, My hubby loves guest sign books and make one whenever he can, its his idea. He even gets everyone to sign on napkins when we friends go out to eat:)

Thank you!! hmmm Tinkerbel, dont have any ideas right now.. will write you if I find any.
Btw, waiting to read new book reviews on ur blog:)

Thanks Rashmie! She did enjoy both the preparations and the party:)

Thanks! Yes very true kids bring such joy to our lives:)


Thanks! Yes, we did have lots of fun!!

Fantastic! Such great ideas for a wonderful story!

Adorable party - love the theme and creativity! :)

Roopa, i remember reading about u n u said u are not artsy...woooow u r too good, like they say it here "nimmalli Khaley ukki hariyu thidhe" Putti is really very lucky to have u. U r very inspiring to me, i cant do all dat u do but surely try. thank u agn:)

Oh.. this is amazing ..So, much of preparations involved..Very well done..Hats Off to you.. Have a query..what did u use to paint plates & mugs..Are these permanent markers?

Have pinned your Birthday Party.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments! nimma sihi maatugaLige vandanegaLu. magaLa jote naanoo aaaTa vaaDutta ivannu maaDuttiruve aShte:)

Thanks so much for the comments and the Pin! For the Plate, I used Sharpie permanent marker. The mugs were 'Creatology mug that came with 4 ceramic markers',default,pd.html?cgid=products-generalcrafts-unfinishedsurfaces&start=1

Hi, came here via Apartmenttherapy..congratulations on the feature. Looks like your daughter and her friends (who are all adorable) had a great time. And it looks like such a fun activity for both boys and girls. My 2.5 yr old son is obsessed with very hungry caterpillar..if he still stays that way by the time it's his thrid birthday, I am definitely going to use this idea. :)

Ur website is so inspiring. I have 2 kids,one close to 4 and another is 2 yr old. I am a friend of Shubha n lived in Tallahassee for a couple years. I enjoy reading ur Kannada articles n all activities for kids. I am sure u are creating such a healthy and creative environment for ur kid. I enjoy drawing, painting, scrapbooking and doing all kinds of activities myself and definitely want my kids to follow the same and enjoy everything they do and learn at the same time and ur website has been a great inspiration. I have been telling my other girl friends ( who have kids ) about ur website too. Keep it going! - Savita

Found you via Apartment Therapy-- this was one of my favorite books growing up. Love your idea and I'm filing it away for down the road. :-) (I'm still a few years away from kids!)

Erin @ The Great Indoors

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