Friday, January 6, 2012

Very hungry caterpillar birthday crowns!!!

I remember how much kids loved decorating their party hats at Putti's birthday party last year, so wanted to have them again this time too. But Putti wanted crowns, so we got them. And I wanted to keep up with our theme, so I first designed putti's as you see above with a pompom caterpillar in center and made the number '4' in glitter glue. 

I had intentions of making all the crowns in same way except for the pompom caterpillar, but putti pointed not everyone is '4' and insisted we make something else for all of them.

So, she added a big sequin in the center and drew and colored in caterpillars on either side...
These were perfect for our theme, yet had lots of space that the kids could decorate with glitter stickers and stick on rhinestones to personalise to their liking at the party!!
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These are lovely. I loved all your ideas for Putti's birthday. I want to do something special for my daughter's 3rd birthday in April so I am loving these ideas.

Thanks!! Im sure you will comeup with something lovely too. Let me know the theme, maybe I can help..

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