Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spin Art Sun Banner !!

We made this beautiful Spin art Sun Banner for Sankranti at our home:))
Sankranti Pongal Kids Craft

After, I gave away the coffee filter sun banner we made for my friend, Putti was really sad that we did not have one. So thought of making one for us too. Only this time we used our beloved salad spinner to make suns. I love this because putti enjoys spin art and also because the process is so easy, you can make many pieces in a short span of time.
Cut paper the size of your salad spinner. Putti used droppers to drop slightly watered paints onto the paper. 
Sankranti Pongal Kids Craft

Close the lid and spin, spin and spin...
Sankranti Pongal Kids Craft

Ta-Da !! Its all done... Add more colors and spin if you want..
Sankranti Pongal Kids Craft

These are our suns !! Ignore the one at the corner, putti found our do-a-dot marker and went dot-dot with it, before I stopped her:)
Sankranti Pongal Kids Craft

I would have left it at this stage, Putti wanted me to cut the edges to make sun rays just like in our Coffee filter suns. So, I did... But next time I think if we make these, we will cut the edges ahead before spinning:)
Sankranti Pongal Kids Craft

And finally glued on the individual alphabets in kannada that says 'Happy Sankranti' and taped them all together and pinned it on the wall.  
Sankranti Pongal Kids Craft
Wishing all my readers a Very Happy Makara Sankranti !!!!

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you are always awesome no need to tel dear putti n ur mom is so good .. she is thr so u learning many more ok.. good good keep it up n good luck.

Thanks kirti for all ur appreciative words! Hope you a great festival too.

these are really lovely. Might have to get myself a salad spinner

Thank you! Yes, we love them too. If you have an ikea store near by u can get one for $3!!

The salad spinner is the perfect way to make the suns. I could do with some sunshine this month! Thank you so much for linking up. You've always been such a great supporter of the Play Academy - thanks for joining in with our Kids Co-op too :)

I love these! I just posted about spin art as well. Love the suns!

This is great ....just noticed this! Would love to create some spin art suns for the spring and summer! I love suns!

Thanks Cathy!! Was looking for an easy idea to make many suns for the bunting. Thanks for hosting the play academy!

Thanks Melissa!! I am sure you would make some lovely ones:)

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