Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sankranti Coloring Pages !!

Coloring pages are not a biggie with Putti,  I use them only rarely on travels etc. But many friends of mine think they are the best activity to set up especially when you are not around to monitor them.

These are some of the Sankranti coloring pages that I made for Putti last year. I used clip art available on the net because nothing related to sankranti is readily available and made these using power point.
Feel free to click on the pictures so that it opens a bigger image and you can download them to use with your kids. If you need the writings in english, do let me know I will happy to make one for your kids :)

Sankranti Greetings.
Sun Sankranti

Pot of Pongal

Let me know if you use them, Thanks !!

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