Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sankranti Celebrations 2012 !!!

We had a lovely Sankranti festival celebrations this year. I love when our Indian celebrations fall on weekends, giving us just the time for being together with family and friends. This year was double fun as we had celebrations on two days at friends place.

 This is my Sankranti Platter filled with ellu-bella, sugar figurines, sugarcane and fruits..

This is the complete decoration over at my friend's place with our coffee filter suns, paper tube sugaracane and a painted pot filled with cotton pongal :)

The berry shower which is called ellu eryodu in kannada, bhogi pallu in telugu, bor nahan in marathi !! Putti is wearing fruitloop necklace.
 The highlight of the day was Kites!! A friend had got these for kids to play with and Oh my did we all have a blast with them. Putti was super excited...

Here's all of us having fun with our kites.. 

And this is me trying to get Putti's kite up...

Here's putti trying her hands on the kite !!

Next day, Putti all dressed up with our spin art sun banner in the background !!

The plate filled with berries, soaked chickpeas, coins, sugar cubes ready to be showered on kids :)

The shower.... Found this cute candy necklace at dollar store:)

Putti's sankranti in 2009, 2010 and 2011
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Roopa - LOVED your celebrations - especially the kite flying! This was something we didn't do and I so realize Pari would have had a blast, too - with kites.
The decorations - paper sugar cane and spin art sun looks really beautiful. Putti is genuinely lucky to have a mom like you who brings art, culture and traditions into her life in such a creative manner. :)
I wish we stayed close by.... :)

This was Putti's first time with kites and she absolutely loved it. Thanks to my friend who bought these.
Thank you. Including art makes festivals fun and interesting for Putti and she loves it too.
Oh I would have loved to have a neighbour like you:))

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