Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coffee Filter Sun !!

Last year when I posted this for Sankranti, many people did not believe these were made of coffee filters!! This Coffee Filter Sun bunting is very easy to make and looks great too.
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We made them again this year for a friend for Sankranti at her house. So, here is the 'how to' as promised. First fold your coffee filter in half, two times and then cut little triangles around the edges as marked in 4.

Once you open-up your coffee filter, you will have a sun!!

Cover your work table with newspaper and get your supplies - yellow, orange and red paint, droppers and or paint brushes and a spray bottle filled with water.  Since, we wanted to make a bunting we need lots of suns. So, I piled up 2-3 coffee filters on top of one-another and putti sprayed them with water...

When its all nice and wet, drop paint on it and see how it spreads...
Add more colors ...

and see the colors spread...

Putti used paint brush at times....

And then, spray more water so that all the coffee filters (remember we stacked a couple) get the colors...

Here's our lot drying... I do not have the finished bunting photo yet, will update here as soon as I get from my friend.

Here is the finished bunting with paper tube sugarcanes

Check out Frugal family Fun's post about similar coffee filter suns. I love how she let her little use markers for this and also she has used brush to paint with water on it.

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Oh, thank you for bringing a gorgeous sun inside my livingroom!! Looks wonderful. I have to find a place for roud and white coffeefilters, they are not findable around her...:(
Look beautiful, will pin it
Love from Angelique

Thanks Angelique!! I am glad you liked it and thanks for the pin:) I will be more than happy to send you a pack of these, email me your mailing address.

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