Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drawing on Balloons !!!

I am in love with these simple and lovely Balloon drawings that Putti has made

Remember, Putti had a room full of balloons waiting for her on her 4th Birthday morning? After more than a week of continued Balloon Play, I thought this was the time to try make some balloon art with all those balloons lying around in her room. When I suggested we can draw on these balloons Putti liked the idea and jumped right into it:) Washable markers smeared more easily and so we used Permanent markers. If you will be doing this with young kids, carefully supervise them. 
Here's Putti making her first few lines...

She was amused by the funny sound the balloon made as she drew with her marker. But did not like the balloon slipping away, so I had to hold the balloon for her to draw....

This is her first balloon... love the line doodlings..

She soon developed her own techinque to do this. She would just glide her markers on the balloon, while I had to keep rolling the balloon in various directions. It was FUN !!!

Next, she made some dots. But realised they can be made into balloons just by drawing a line thread below the dot. Love this balloons on balloon :-)

I had a phone call and could not hold the balloon for her. But she did not want to stop, so tried holding the balloon in different positions and finally felt resting the balloon on her lap and holding it was very comfortable for her to draw. Now on she did not need me...

Beautiful flowers isn't it....

Some stars, names and other drawings...

Faces and people, that green guy was made by her appa as per her instructions..

Two of her balloons burst while doing this, so you may want to warn your kids about it. Make sure they do not apply too much pressure while drawing.
I think this can become a great activity for kids and adults at any party!! Also is a fun way to make your own personalised balloons:))

Stay tuned to more ballooney fun !!!

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Super cute and simple idea! My kids will love it!

Looks like fun! I'm going to have to buy some balloons because my girls will love this!!

So cute! We love balloons at our house. We play a lot of balloon volleyball. Maybe next time we play I will be able to convince my son to draw on them before we hit them!

We love balloons at our home too. Such great fun! Found you at TGIF.I'd like to invite you to share this post with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays.

what a fun and simple idea! Will have to dig out some balloons!

Thank you everyone!! Glad you all liked it, please do share if you try them with ur kids:)

Thank you for the invite and letting me know abt ur linky party. Will link up:)

Super cute & what a fun art medium!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
Beth =-)

My girls would love this. Nice balloon activity.

Thank you for hosting! Will make be back again:)

My older son loves doing that- now only if I can get my daughter over the fear that the balloon will not always poop! ;-) Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase

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How different each kid is... my girl loves popping them, lol ;)

Thats new to me. Is it kid friendly? thanks

My daughter loves balloons and markers. She would love to create some balloondrawing! Thanks for the inspiration!

When my kids were small and I could still be Magical Mom, I would decorate inflated balloons with permanent markers -- without sealing them. (A helper held them closed while I wrote and drew.) Then I deflated the balloons and PUT THEM BACK IN THE ORIGINAL BAGS. Imagine my daughters' delight when we blew up balloons later and they found their names, messages, and drawings on supposedly brand-new balloons. Have fun with this!! former Magical Mom, Lynne

Fun idea! My kids love balloons, but we haven't done this. WE did once draw on them first and then blow them up and the kids got a kick out of their small drawing getting big. I will have to try it this way next time. Thanks for linking it to Monday Madness.

Hope your daughter loves drawing on balloons too. As I mentioned in my post, you will need to use permanent markers thou;

Thank you Magical Mom, Lynne for sharing your secret with us!! That would be great fun:)This time we made with all the balloons we had at home, maybe next time will try ur tip:)

Thank you Laura! Yes I now saw the other way around on another blog too. But you see we had so many balloons already at home, so did not want to blow more:)

Lovely! My kids love drawing on balloons too... but we must have used the wrong pens, as we had ink come off on the floor etc.. not so good. Did you have that problem? What sort of pens did you use (am sure we used permanent markers...)

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


So much fun! Great to see you again on Craft Schooling Sunday, and thanks so much for sharing!

We first started with the crayola washables and realised it smeared off, so then used 'Sharpie - the permanent markers' And no We never had any probs.

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