Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Ornaments!!

We enjoyed making these Star Ornaments and hope you like them too. 

Remember the string stars that we had made in the past. We tried the same technique with star shapes and also the all time favorite circles!!! This time we used embroidery threads and glitter threads in whatever colors we had. You could make these with wool/yarn too and maybe use holiday colors or gold. 
Just cut out a 3-4" circle from a thick cardboard (cereal box works for this size, when u go bigger use a corrugated cardboard to avoid bending). Then mark 16 points on the circumference of the circle. Start with 2 point opposite each other (a) and then make next two mid-way between the first two(b) and continue until you have 16. 
Make 1/4" deep slits towards the center on those 16 points. Then start by sliding your thread in a slit, you could tape the end on the back side or knot it as shown.
After this point, it was all Putti's work. She enjoyed wrapping the thread all around, trying to go through each slit. 
When you're done, cut the thread leaving about a 6-8". Thread a needle and slide the end under the weaving and cut. You could glue a loop of thread on the back for hanging or punch a hole and tie a ribbon too.    
You can add a new color on top of it, if you like...
If you want to try it with younger kid, I suggest you make small triangular slits like in our wool webbies as shown below... 
Older kids can wrap in a systematic way, say wrapping the thread in exact opposite slit or wrap the opposite thread in one slit closer to the starting slit. Experimenting here and also varying the number of slits will result in different looking stars:) I had to help putti with these....

Making these little stars was so much fun. Next we tried, some star shapes. I drew them free hand and cut it out (Please ignore the pen marks in these, i should have drawn on the backside). With these stars, you do not need to make any slits, the corners are sufficient to hold the thread.
                                                                   A five point star..
A Six pointed star...
Eight pointed star..

Some of the stars, I made...
 Kid's photo glued in the center here would look great I think !!

Hope you make some of these star ornaments with your kids too.

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these are absolutely fantastic, they look great and teach a bit of geometry too.

Beautiful! Really like the star ones!

Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty!


O my Gosh - these are so darn beautiful! Love the fact that they can be made as simple or elaborate as per the child's age and aptitude.
Love your silky embroidery yarn.
We must try these...

These are great! What a great activity and beautiful too! Pinning this!

So Pretty! I need to get back my sparkly thread I let my friend borrow.

Lovely - I will be trying these out with my little girl!

These are gorgeous, and the possibilities are endless!

wow! these came out so neat! What a beautiful craft!

Fabulous! I neighbor did one on a hexigon that results in a six pointed star in the middle, but that would only be for older kids, these are perfect for the younger set, Great to see you on Craft Schooling sunday!

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