Sunday, December 4, 2011

Magazine Tree !!!

Putti made this beautiful tree out of old magazine!!
Putti loves glue and when she uses it, she uses a LOT of it :) Any project that involves glue is a big hit at home. Give a couple of newspaper/magazine sheets, a scissors and a glue stick or plenty of elmer's glue, she is the happiest kid and that would keep her engaged for a loooong time. Its fascinating to see what parts/pictures in the magazine catches her interest. She cuts and glues them to make a collage. 
We also have used magazines for color hunt, word hunt games etc.. 

When Tinkerlab invited us to be part of their Magazine Challenge, I knew we would end up with a glue-y project. This was inspired by a fall tree activity that putti had done in her preschool recently. 

First, she traced around her forearm and cut it.

Then glued it to make the stem of our tree.

Next, we talked about all the different colors leaves can be. And she tore pages from the magazine in those colors and separated them. Next, i drew simple leaf shapes on them and she cut them all.

And then was her most favorite part of glueing the leaves on which she loved. She talked a lot and kept saying that 'her tree is growing big and bigger as she kept adding more leaves' :)

I love these Challenges because they really get our creative juices flowing and we all get so many new ideas to make/play with! In case you have missed check out the The Cardboard Box Challenge which was in May. Thanks to Tinkerlab for hosting this fun challenge and look forward to be part of their future challenges too. Please check out other participants’posts below.

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Oooh that is a beautiful tree! I love it!


What great fun! The tree turned out beautiful!!!

It's a beautiful idea, Roopa and it's turned out so neat in Putti's hands... :) Love all the colourful leaves...

I love it. It is a very artistic tree. I like the colors of the leaves she chose and how she put them on the page is very beautiful.

Oooo this is my favorite one of them all!! Great job!!

beautiful idea! i would have enjoyed the color sorting part of this for days, myself!

This tree is wonderful! You could make a tree for all the seasons!

Great Collage! we love magazine collages!

Your collage looks so effective, it is definitely a keeper :)

Thanks everyone! I never imagined it would turn out soo beautiful. Thanks to tinkerlab for triggering us to play. Isn't it wonderful how one simple item can be used to create so many wonderful things:)

You know how much I love handprints, so the stem HAD to be traced hands:)

I know, that itself is so relaxing and fun right! :)

Thats a neat idea. We have done trees for all seasons in paint, should try a collage, im sure would look great too.

Thanks everyone.

I love the moment when Putti could see her tree growing bigger and bigger. I'm so inspired and we'll be trying this project, for sure! Thanks for joining the challenge.

Beautiful! She's so artful. This is fabulous inspiration - thanks for sharing :-)

How pretty! Great idea, and I love how yours turned out!

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