Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big Leaf Printing - with cabbage leaves!!

These beautiful prints were made using Cabbage Leaves!!!
Ever since I saw the Big leaf printing idea on Kleas, I've been just dying to try it out with Putti. But, did not find any big leafy plants in our neighbourhood. 2 weeks ago, when We visited hubby's lab. We took a stroll into their farm and the moment I saw these cabbage plants I was jumping of joy as I knew I found the big leaf for our art. He got us a couple of leaves and We were all set to try the long waiting big leaf print.
I made sure we paint the correct side of the leaf unlike our painted leavesWe started by squirting different colored acrylic paints onto the bumpy side (vein side) of the leaf and then putti spread the paint all over the leaf, she loved covering the whole leaf in paint.
I love how colorful the huge leaf looks here!!
Then carefully placed the leaf onto the paper, I had help putti with this one, as the leaf was humongous for her little hands. Putti then pressed down all around the leaf, making sure to press all the way to the corners.  It takes a minute or two for small hands to be able to do this.
Lifting up the leaf to reveal the beautiful prints was a delight....
Our glorious big leaf prints in rainbowy colors!!  Who knew cabbage leaf prints could be so beautiful...
Maybe you can pull the outer leaves of the cabbage itself and try printing with it, that might work too....

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Wow! That's a real giant leaf and what a beautiful creation by your little one!

It's beautiful! Printing with such a giant leaf would be so thrilling. I can understand why you were so eager to find a big leaf...!
Now, I am inspired to find some huge ones...

Cool! I never thought of printing with cabbage leafs! The giant leaf is really fun!

What a fun idea- I would of never thought of cabbage! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase

Wow the leaf made some beautiful prints.

Those leaves are humongous! We are totally trying this with the cabbage leaves in our backyard! Thanks!

This is SO neat!!! We will have to try this next year with our cabbage leaves!

Wow, those are REALLY BIG leaves! What fun!

Thanks everyone! We loved printing with it too. This was a long pending project and so glad we found those huge leaves.
Please do share ur pics, if you try it would love to see all of urs too.

Those are huge cabbage leaves! What fun!

These are beautiful! What a fun art project!

I would never have thought to use cabbage leaves or any other type of edible leaf! Such a useful tip because I have been wanting to do big leaf printing but we don't have very big leaves here in central TX.

What amazing leaves! We have similarly-sized fig leaves we could use. Beautiful prints :-)

I love the size of that leaf! And the colors are beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

OK those turned out GORGEOUS! Wow!!!!! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

I have pinned this, hope it's okay, it's too awesome!!! Great job!

Thanks everyone! @Taryn, Thanks for the pin and yes you are welcome to pin.

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