Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Ten Posts of Putti Prapancha 2011 !!!

As this year ends, I thought I'd share the "best of 2011" list based on the number of views:
                                              Spin art with paper plate, cd and a lid

                                                    Easter Silhouette from art work

                                                                 Paper Tube Flowers

                                                             Painting with cut straws

                                                                Spin Art Caterpillar

                                                       Sewing for Preschool kids
                                                          Splat Painting with balls

                                                            Slide Painting with balls

              Play Doug Mosaics

      What a wonderful year it has been! Thank you so much for reading and playing with us! 
      Wishing you all a great, creative, playful new year ahead !!!
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      What fun! I will have to try the slide craft!

      Spin art is definitely on our "must do" list for the year! It looks like you had a fun, art filled year!

      Wow! Love that slide painting idea! we'll have to try it for sure this year!

      Thanks everyone!
      @JDaniel's mom, Im sure Daniel will enjoy the slide painting too:)
      @Rebekah, oh spin art has been repeated so many times at our home, its great fun!!
      Let me know when u try them!!

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