Monday, November 14, 2011

We are back in action !

All you loyal readers and friends out there have realised that we were gone missing for quiet a long time. Though I had every plan of blogging while at home in India, things just did not happen my way. I just could not get any free time until my brothers were with us. And after they returned, I got really busy with my professional commitments and whatever little time i got went by in chatting with friends, hogging yummy food that my mom prepared and visiting places on weekends. As a result, posting on Putti Prapancha had taken a back seat. However, I’m happy to say we are back from our long vacation and we are off from our jet-lag. Things are now levelling off at home here in US. Thanks to all those who sent comments, tweets and emails (it’s nice to be missed!) and thanks to all the visitors for just hanging in there ;)

Putti did have loads of fun with her grandparents, cousins, new friends from across the street ...

  • She loved celebrating some major hindu festivals (celebrations) in a very traditional way with family. She did pick up many of the small pooja rituals too. Visiting nearby temples with her grandpa was a favorite pass time.

  • As long as 'Khushi' my niece was in India she did not need anybody else around. They both got along so well and would not do anything - bathe, eat, drink, play, fight without each other. Khushi is her favorite cousin as she puts it!!! They both had a gala time together.
  • Riding on her grandpa's scooter was an all time favorite for putti. Anytime he walks out of the door, she would follow him and accompany him almost everywhere he went :)
  • Was thrilled to be called 'Akka' - Elder sister, by her little cousin 'Suhani' whom she adored!!
  • She enjoyed getting her hands decorated with henna. 
  • Was fascinated by road side vendors and various people on the road who did so much for a living!
  • She made a lot of new friends from the neighborhood, spent a lot of time outdoors playing with them and learnt many street games. She now speaks kannada, my native language very fluently minus the american accent :)
  • She did have some artsy play on and off, mostly unplanned free play. Not many photos as i was mostly not around.
  • The big swing in the living area at my parents house was her favorite spot. She mastered the art of pumping her legs to keep herself on the swing. Loved visiting the play parks too.

    • Loved helping grandparents in household chores sweeping and mopping floors, washing cloths by hand, washing car etc

    For more photos check out my facebook page here.

    Good to be back in the blogging world and hope to visit all my favorite blogs regularly from now on.

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    Welcome Back Roopa! Looks like putti had a blast!

    Welcome back! What lovely photos. I really love the henna hands - have always wanted to try that.

    Welcome Back! The photos are lovely, looks like you all had a wonderful visit! :)

    Aleacia @ Dilly-Dali Art

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