Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Painted Leaves !!

These painted leaves can brighten up anybody's day and are a fun way to add colors to your life!!! 

While most of you are getting ready for winter crafts, we are still enjoying the warm outdoors here in FL. Making the best use of it while it lasts. As always, putti came home with a big collection of leaves from her walk.  I always insist that she picks only fallen leaves and donot encourage her plucking leaf from the plant itself.  But today she got a lot of green leaves as the shrubs were trimmed this morning. Loved the  color variations, as fall colors in FL arent very varied!!
Most days, these leaves end up being used for crayon rubbingsleaf animals or leaf family. The excess get pressed in books. But my idea for today's activity was to make some leaf prints like the ones I saw on The Chocolate Muffin Tree's blog, by painting on the veinside (bumpy side) of the leaf and printing onto paper. So I got out some acrylic paints and poured them onto a plate. But, before I could show /tell putti which side of the leaf to paint, I got a phone call and when I came back, I saw that Putti was happily painting the smooth side of the leaf...
So, I postponed the leaf printing idea for another day and let her create more and more painted leaves:)            
She was picking only the green leaves to paint. I thought maybe because they are sturdier unlike the fallen yellow-red leaves so greens are easy to paint. But when asked, she said so "Amma, the others are already painted dont you see?". Well, yes! I see now :))
 She made a couple with dots too. And asked me to do some stripey ones for her in the colors that she asked. But she loved coloring the whole leaf !!

Putti loved this painted leaves project and didn't want to stop painting.  She kept asking for more and more leaves to paint and we pulled some from our pressed leaves collection too.

 I love this a lot and maybe we will use them to dress up our table or maybe make a colorful painted leaf bunting !!!

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I love these! Love how the project went in another direction! We may try this next year! Pinning it!

How beautiful! I love how Putti made it clear that the dry leaves were already colored! Colored by mother nature :)

cool and creative!! or u can make a boquet. really loved this idea!!!

Thanks for the pin and the comments Melissa. I loved the way it turned too..

Good to see you here!! Yes, I loved putti's observations too.. Thanks for dropping by:)

Glad to see you here after long time. Thanks and yes, these will make a lovely bouquet too:)

They look wonderful! You know, we forgot to do some leave rubbings this year! Will have to have a go. And the painted leaves looks great.

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


so much fun! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

Those are so pretty and bright. Love it. Thanks for sharing at Monday Madness.

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