Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paint Blots !!

This is a very simple process based art, but the end product is beautiful too!!! Have done this in the past too. When we were going through our last year's artstock and selecting ones to keep, Putti saw hers from last year and wanted to do them again and this time she asked for Finger Paints. 
Paints (We used crayola finger paints

Any paper or card stock will do.
Eye dropper/spoon/ paint brush to drop the paint (fingerpaints come in squeeze tubes so putti just squeezed paint out of it onto paper)

Fold the paper in half horizontally or vertically.

Unfold the paper and begin dropping paint on it in blobs, squiggles, drops and lines onto one side of the paper. Be careful not to get too much paint on the paper, though, or you will end up with a artsy mess. We had a couple of incidents this morning but Putti soon learnt not to pour more paint! Cathy at nurture store has a clever tip to make kids drop paint on just oneside. She says if you fold the paper over so the side to be kept clear is underneath and only the side that needs painting is presented to kids, then they can go for it, applying the paint wherever they like, without any restrictions. When they’ve finished you can fold it the other way to make your print. 
After you finish dotting your paper with paint, fold the paper back over and press it down with your hands. You can feel the paint spreading underneath ur hands within the paper.
Unfold the paper to reveal your beautiful creation.
 The problem with this activity is that they're so simple and fun to make, it's hard to stop. This also provides a great opportunity to teach a little lesson on color theory.

  • Once dry you can guess what each resembles and may be add eyes and other details if you like.
  • Rorschach was known for his similar ink blot paintings .
  • If you are interested in these blot ideas be sure to check out Margaret Peot's book Ink blot.  You can visit her website as well as her inkblot videos on youtube for more ideas.  
  • Visit Nurture store to see how they make these blots into beautiful  butterlies!!
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Such a simple fun art project and we have yet to try it. I have all the supplies. Today is the day! Thanks for the inspiration.

We've had lots of fun with this too, and I can really recommend Margaret Peot's book - really inspirational!

So love paint blots. We often do just to have interesting papers on hand for other projects. Yours here are beautiful.

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