Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sun Prints on Constrcution Paper!!

We've been taking advantage of the hot sunny days here in Florida to make some pretty sun prints.
I had seen the special sun printing paper you can buy at the craft store, but I had no idea there was a way to do sun prints without them. I discovered this over at Parents, where they shared the easy process for making these very cool sun prints. This is a great activity for kids!

For this project you'll need some dark colored construction paper, leaves and other items from around the house (flat and opaque ones work best), plenty of sunlight and that's it!!

How We Made Sun Prints:

First, Putti gathered interesting materials from around the house. She laid the construction paper outside and arranged items on paper, placed rocks on each corner of paper to hold it steady.
Forget about it for an hour or more while the sun does its work. Remove items to see the prints with lots of  oooh and ahhhs.
Why it works:
The leaves and other objects mask out the sun's heat and hence paper underneath them are not faded.
Objects that are semi-permeable or ones that don’t lie flat against the paper will let some light through as you see here the pine cone and the transparent stencil.

We made it a fun matching game afterwards :) It is so simple that even the youngest children can make them.

 More Sun Fun Inspiration :
  •  Sunscreen SPF test
  • Check this link to learn more about sun prints using the special sunprint paper.
  • Also you could make these on fabrics, Lyndah shows how to here.
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How interesting! I liked the variety of items Putti chose! Those yellow and red stencils are so pretty!

Simple and beautiful. What a great lesson in patience.

@Blooms And BugsThanks for stopping by and commenting. We love it too, simple yet so exciting!

@MommyLabsThanks Rashmie. I love the items she picked too, wish I had black construction paper, it would have shown much better I think.

@MelitsaThanks ! Yes so simple that even the littlest kids can do it. Well, it was me who had a hard time with waiting ;)

This is so on our to do list of things to do! Love how you can explore different objects!

Thanks for joining in at Kids Get Crafty!


That is pretty cool- it only takes an hour? Thanks for sharing it with us!

These look like so much fun, and much less expensive than the fancy sun print paper. Thanks for the idea!

I've done this plenty of times accidentally, but never thought of doing it on purpose to make art! Great idea! Thanks for sharing at our Outdoor Play linky! Featuring this idea on fb!

@Mama Pea PodAaah accidental art is fun too:) Well I got to know about this recently and had to try it!

That is so fun. I didn't realize it would only take an hour or so. I will try this soon with my kids. Thanks for sharing it at my art party. Hope you come back later today and share again. I always love your ideas.

Laura, We are having temperatures of over 100F and yes it took just over an hour for us.
Thanks for hosting the party, will be back to link again:)

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