Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sewing Projects for Preschool Age !!

Two weeks ago, I had shared some pre sewing activities that Putti has been doing since the age of 18mnths.
She still loves to do many of those activities! And I have been introducing new activities every now and then.
Just before her 3rd Birthday, I started her sewing on styrofoam trays. I just made holes in it with a pointed screw driver.
And then she loved going 'in and out' ..
Then tried mesh bags from onions, just fixed it in my embroidery hook.
 And then realised the bags in which shallots or pearl onions came are much firmer and tried that!!
And then one day I found this at our Dollar stores, perfect fit for my embroidery hook and also big holes to make things easy for little hands. You get 4 of these for a dollar!! But I did not find them in white.

 Putti loved sewing on this and has been a favorite since then. She stitched randomly...
When I showed Putti the button sewing post from web, she wanted to try it right away, but I did not have any large buttons (the eye of putti's needle is big and we need buttons with big holes) so instead gave her beads...
And then cut craft foam into various shapes and punched holes in them. She loved sewing these onto shelf liner.....
After having made the above n number of times, Recently, I had Putti sew in straight lines. I first marked the line (both on the top and bottom to make it easier for her) and then she sewing over the line. I had keep reminding her to come out right from the very next hole. She soon got the idea!!
  And then tried the same with trays..
And she wanted to mark the next one herself...
And her most recent and favorite activity is sewing simple shapes. I draw them for her again on both sides!!
I have also used rice bags as our fabric, yet to buy the cross stitch cloth and the plastic canvas for Putti to try!!

Some wonderful ideas for sewing with kids:

Do have some sewing ideas to share? Let us know in comments, Thank you!

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Oh how wonderful! And isn't she so clever! what a fabulous set of projects! Love them all. Right.. really need to get my little one sewing!

Thank you again for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


These are such wonderful ideas! My little one has always stitched on plastic mesh, but I love the creativity of all these mediums!

These are such brilliant ideas, Roopa. It's delightful to see her natural progression from random sewing to sewing in lines and then in shapes....
Pari would love to try some of these....

I particularly like the bags in the frames. Great idea!


OMG,what a great ideas! We'll try it!

What alot of time and effort you put in - but look at the results....FANTASTIC and Putti is so CLEVER!!! How wonderful that you give your little one the opportunity to be so creative and hands on. Love all of it :-)

@RedTedArtThanks so much for all ur sweet words! And I am glad you are inspired to try them with little redted:) Thanks for hosting the link party.

@MichelleThank you! Allowing kids to try various mediums will keep their interests high I think.

@MommyLabsRashmie, Thank you! I see that Pari enjoys sewing too and is already pretty much good at it, loved her aroma pillow for her dad. I have been wanting to post about these individually since long, but just could not.

@Lynda @ {ubersavvy}Thanks! I try to use things from around the house, but for some reason Putti did not really enjoy the mesh bags. As you can see she has tried more with the shelf liner.

@huanaThank for commenting! Glad you liked them and are inspired to try them.

@LouieThanks so much for your encouraging words!! These are our ways of spending time together at home and we love it:)

This looks like a wonderful activity - something I have never considered. I have some of those circles from the dollar store, I think we will give it a try.

@ಅಪ್ಪ-ಅಮ್ಮ(Appa-Amma)Thanks! Good to see sanvi and you back here in blogosphere:) This post is for little sanvi

@Brooke @ Let Kids CreateThanks! I am glad you are inspired to try them with ur kids, thats the purpose of sharing!

These ideas are wonderful and the answer to a prayer! I've been searching for sewing ideas for my 4 year old. These fit the bill perfectly. Thanks!

I have marked this as a favorite. Such wonderful ideas. Thanks

@SusanThanks for stopping by and commenting! I am glad these are useful to you. Hope ur kiddo enjoys some of these. I will share more simple ideas, which we will try soon.

Hey - had to stop by again to tell you that I am featuring this activities for little fingers as part of my It's Playtime features for fine motor skills. Come by and play again - thanks for always joining!

These are wonderful! You always have such a variety of ways to do everything!

Fun and oh, so many was to get little hands sewing! I have yet to get my girls really into this - they didn't care too much for lacing but maybe doing these types of activities will go over better with them. I will certainly try.

Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase! You ahve so many fabulous ideas.


@Jamie @ hands on : as we growThank you for liking this and featuring it!! Sorry have not been able to 'Play' this week, as I have been busy getting ready for our India visit:)

@Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin TreeThank you! Doing the same thing in different way makes it a new activity and putti is all excited, so thats what i try:)

@Mom to 2 Posh Lil DivasThank you! I know each kid has their own way to play, hope ur girls give this a try:)

What a great way to enhance fine motor skills.

I would love for you to share this on my mommy resource meme.


Where did you find a plastic needle?

I bought the plastic needle from walmart and it is also available on amazon.

Thanks, will look it up!

I love this! I was looking for sewing ideas for a preschooler. This is prefect.

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