Thursday, July 28, 2011

Roly Poly Ice Paint !!!

With temperature being more than 100F all through the week. It has been hard to play outside!! And the only way to enjoy outdoors is either inside the pool or playing with cool ice.
Last week we made art while playing 'Ice Cricket' which you have seen here on blog. Also played with frozen paint on slide. Putti loved it very much and has played it many times now both indoors and outdoors. And yesterday evening, she again asked to play with ice cubes and since I  was busy in kitchen, I allowed her to play it inside again.
All you need is a box or pan, paper, ice cubes, and a colored powder. We used Powder food colors, but you can also subsitute Kool-Aid, Jell-O or powdered tempera paint. Simply put the paper in a pan (we used  aluminium foil pan), sprinkle some color powder on the paper, and place an ice cube in the pan.
While the ice melts, rotate or swirl the box to create a pattern on the paper  just like rolling marbles or balls!!

And then add another color and roll...
It was a fun activity and kept Putti occupied until I finished my cooking !  I had to return to kitchen, but putti continued to play until her dad got home.
You could make colored ice cubes either by adding food colors or tempera paint to water and freezing them and then roll them to make art too!!

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You are a genius! Not only fun for the kids, and cooling, of course, but teaching them about color mixing as well - even though they don't notice. You should be a teacher!

What a clever idea - I will try this with my little one!

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