Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rock n Roll Painting !!

Putti had lots of fun rolling the rocks dipped in paint over paper to create some interesting patterns - Our Rock n Roll Painting !!
Putti loves rolling things dipped in paints. We have tried marbles, balls, acorns and shells in the past. We love the patterns each of them make. Putti loves the roly-poly fun and so this time we tried rocks.
The technique is so simple it can be done by even a 2 yr kid and I love the abstract art that results.

rocks of various sizes and shapes
a shoebox or a foil container or a tray

Cut a piece of paper to fit the bottom of the box or container. This rolling paint can be done in two ways. Pour a small amount of paint into a dish. Dip a rock into the paint, place the rock in the empty box or container, and then  shake the box side to side so that the rocks roll. You could also place the rocks on the paper and pour/squeeze a small amount of paint onto the paper, place the rock and roll it. Try it both ways, both methods are fun!! As the rocks roll they spread the paint across the paper creating your art work.  
Try again with more rocks and more colors until your rock and roll painting is complete.
Her favorite part was when the rocks slide from one end to another inside the container, she would shout "Weeeeeee!!".
Let dry and display your abstract art!  I love the way these came out.
  • This painting activity is good to try with children who usually prefer physical play to artistic – they  might just love this rolling-action.
  • You can use fun holiday shaped paper like shamrocks, hearts and easter eggs.
  • If you fear the marbles or balls might jump off the container, use a shoe box with lid.
  • You can try this on a grand scale with a group of kids like here.
  • Oatmeal container can also be used for this activity as seen here.
Other things that can be rolled :
  • marbles
  • golf balls
  • tennis balls, ping pong balls
  • textured, suction cup and squishy balls
  • eggs 
  • Beads
  • acorns (is great for fall, yet to blog about it)
  • pinecones (will share soon)
  • shells and conchs (for beach theme activity)
  • berries, grapes, cherries
  • apple, orange, plums etc any round fruit
  • pumpkins
  • go big and use a cantaloupe or a grapefruit in a children’s plastic pool
Have you done rolling painting? 
What have you rolled? 
What else do you think you can roll?
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    What a fun idea! I'm definitely going to have to try this with rocks. My oldest is quite obsessed with collecting rocks, so I've been trying to come up with ways for her to experiment with them. This would be perfect!

    @Terri Thanks. My daughter collects a lot of things while on walks. So i always look for ideas to play/ make art with them before throwing them away:)
    Hope ur kid loves this too.

    @Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin TreeThank you Melissa! Me too love it. And im ur daughter who is a collector would love it too:)

    I am gonna have to try the cantaloupe and a plastic pool! Thank you for sharing it on The Sunday Showcase.

    Putti is really a lucky girl to have you as mother. A great mother.

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