Sunday, July 10, 2011

Play Dough Mosaics !!

This gorgeous piece of art was made of dried play dough, that would have been otherwise dumped in trash !
Like most mothers I too love the creativity that "Play-dough" can inspire. But, clean-up afterwards is a painful task many a time. No matter how hard I try, I find colorful bits of dried dough in the carpet,  in the toy box, behind the doors, stuck underneath Putti's table etc. Also there are times when Putti leaves her play doh masterpieces on the table until evening to show it to daddy and it dries hard. Instead of throwing them in the trash,  I started collecting them in a Ziploc bag. When I had a handful, gave it to Putti to create cool mosaics! All you need is some poster board or any sturdy paper and glue!

First I showed Putti these colorful play dough pieces and asked her if she wants to make some colorful pictures by gluing these. Off course she said 'YES'.

Putti drew a picture first, she made a garden scene with grass, a tree, 2 flowers and sun.
Then she applied glue over her drawing covering a little area at a time and then stuck the dried play dough pieces over it.
 I did not have yellow bits to use for the sun, so gave her fresh yellow dough from the tub and she just rolled it and pinched and glued it onto card.
After the collage was complete, I asked her to paint over everything with glue(it dries clear) to act as a sealant. Left it to dry overnight and then placed it underneath heavy books to flatten.
We still had lots of pinks and brown pieces left over. Putti wanted to make another art work, but this time she asked me to draw a BIG butterfly for her. 
She glued the pieces little by little, cutting them at times to the smaller bits...
I love how bright and colorful it looks !!
Proud little Putti !!
Love both the mosaics she made, these now decorate her playroom :)
  • If your child is too small to draw, you can draw or print out a simple design for them.
  • Abstract play dough mosaics should look colorful too.
  • If your kid mixes play dough colors and you often have brown like me. Save that too, its great for some earthy collages.
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amazing idea! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

I love this idea! So smart to find a permanent, pretty use for dried dough!

What a clever idea, you are so creative! I am forever sweeping up playdough crumbs from the kitchen floor (and the living room floor, and the coffee tables, and ....!). It never crossed my mind to use them for anything!

That is completely awesome and so crafty to use dried out playdough to make art! LOVING It!

Brilliant idea, great way to use up play dough. Thanks for sharing. xxx

Brilliant idea, Roopa. These mosaics look really beautiful. Thank you for the link love!

I'm kicking myself for all the dried play-doh I threw away over the years! Thanks for the fresh idea!

Love your inventiveness for using all the play dough scraps! I will think twice before throwing away old plat dough!

@creativejewishmom.comThank you! Trying your painting with modelling clay will be our next project!

@Mama Pea PodThanks! I think twice (or maybe more) before I trash something. And these play dough bits being colorful was hard to throw. But was not very sure they will stick with school glue and was amazed when I tried and it did stick yay!!!

@Jamie @ hands on : as we growThank you! As I said I try to find a way to play/ make something before throwing out anything including pista shells, junk mail covers, visiting cards etc

@MommyLabsThanks Rashmie!! Love your styrofoam collage too, sorry havent been able comment on ur blog (have been just looking at pictures, will read and reply soon).

Oh you clever lady! What a fabulous way to reuse old playdough! Looks wonderfully colourful and beautiful!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


That is a fun and different way to use play doh! Thank you for sharing it on The Sunday Showcase.

Thank you Aimee for ur comments and for hosting the link party!

I really love this idea for using the dried play dough. I also like that you really could use fresh dough too as she had to do for the sun. Really great idea for helping kids do mosaics. I am totally stealing this idea to do in our home. Thanks for linking up to my art party last week!

@Art For Little HandsThank you! This activity has lead to more mosaics at our home with foam pieces, styrofoam plates (inspired by mommylabs etc)

Thanks for the link party

Awesome! Everything can be repurposed in one way or another and this proves it! :) Featured on this week's High paw!

PS. I hope you have wonderful trip visiting home! :)

This is wonderful! I have to save our dried out playdoh from now on just so we can make some art this way! The butterfly looks amazing!


PS, thanks for linking up this idea to the Sunday Showcase - hope to see you back this week


@MichelleThank you for the feature, sorry havent been able to visit this week! You are so right about repurposing.

Oh thanks, we r visiting after 2 long years and im excited!!

WOW!!! WHAT a super awesome seriously amazing useful and gorgeously displayed learning way to creatively repurpose playdough!! WOW SERIOUSLY fantastic photos!! you go girl!

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