Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slide Painting with Balls !!

My daughter loooooves the slide, what kid doesnt! So she was very excited about this paint activity. This was inspired by TinkerLab's Slide Drawing.

We have a slide in our apartment complex which is not used much. It is steep and the the bars to get on top of the slide are spaced very widely apart which makes it difficult for little kids. Putti does not like playing there because each time she needs to get on the top, she needs my help. I hardly see any kids playing there and it was perfect for our activity. Only thing was I had to wait for weekend to play this because we have to do this in the morning, to avoid the heat and humidity. Also so that hubby will be around to take photos.

This weekend first thing in the morning, we gathered our materials — roll of paper, some balls, paints, bowls, painters tape, a scissor, baby wipes and a cardboard box — and went to the play area for some Slide Painting!
I first taped the paper onto the slide and Putti rolled the balls for a couple of times which enabled us to know where to keep the cardboard box to catch the balls.
Poured the paints into bowls and put the balls in it..
Later Putti had a 'Ball' rolling the balls dipped in paint down the slide. There goes the first one !
And then another and another....
She enjoyed the whole process a lot..
She wanted to come down to pick the balls and climb up again,but that was not possible with this slide:(
She did try to see if standing and throwing the ball made any difference. The balls would miss the cardboard box and land on the grass which got her very excited !!
 Also tried leaning forward and rolling..
Putti could have done this all day long, but the humidity was too much, glad we started at 7.30AM in the morning!. The temperature ☼ outside was already 85F, but it felt like high 90s.
So we wrapped up and we’ll return again sometime for more.
 The box which caught the balls had some nice patterns too !
 Maybe next time we will try rolling tin cans or toy cars dipped in paint, but will have to wait for the end of summer!

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This is wonderful - I also loved the Tinkerlab posting - can't wait to try this with my class in September :)

What a fun idea!!! My nephews would love this!

Wonderful and what fun! When I saw the Tinkerlab post, I too thought the exact same thing - that we will roll balls dipped in paint!
But those rolls of paper are hard to find here. Not easily available...

@Kierna CThank you for dropping by! I loved their post too. I am sure your kids will enjoy this:)

@MommyLabsThank you! Rashmie, I would just stick newspaper. Kids really dont mind and anyway this is all about process.
Btw, you might contact local printing press, they might have some end of roll papers (My cousin has one in blore).

@Dr Sonia S V Thank you ! Putti loved it so much that she has told her teachers at school too.

This is AMAZING! What a lucky girl! My C would love this! We have a small slide we need to try this with! I love how large the slide is here and how small Putti is! Thanks for the inspiration!

Wow! That looks like some wonderful fun! Great idea Sweetie! :)

I tried this last year, and it was one of the best painting experiences we've had! You can try it with bath puffs, beach balls, rocks, and golf balls to vary the texture and size. If you are brave, try it with heavier balls like basketballs or soccer balls. I also put a large piece of paper at the bottom of the slide, and it makes beautiful art. Thanks for this post!

@Play-based Classroomwow you have given me lot many ideas. We did try golf balls this time. Will keep in mind all that u mentioned for our next try:) Thank you so much

Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh! This looks SO MUCH FUN!!!! I WANT TO HAVE A GO!!! WOW!

Fab fab fab craft!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!!! :-)


I would have loved this as a child! Am posting to FB!

I also loved this when I saw it on TinkerLab. J would adore this activity although I think he would also want to go down the slide :)

Thanks for sharing with our Outdoor Play linky :)


Thank you Maggy, Katey and Kate!! @Kate, she wanted to slide too but as I said this slide is big for her:)

Another super fun idea. Our slide has a hump in the middle of it. I need to do this with my kids so we can see what that hump will do to their artwork. Thanks for sharing.

@Art For Little HandsThanks! Now, I cant wait to see your post, the hump might have its own cool effects :)

very very creative and good outdoor activity idea with colours. great putti.

This is just too much fun! :) Thanks for linking up yet another great idea to the Sunday Showcase!


How fun! We did the same activity indoor with cars.


@Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divasoh yes and we have done it again with colored ice cubes too. Lucky to have slide thats not being used around!!

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