Friday, July 15, 2011

Ice Cricket Painting !!!

Putti enjoyed playing Ice Cricket as she named this activity with Ice cubes and craft sticks!!

Putti has been playing with ice cubes frequentlyto beat the Florida Heat,  holding them and licking them.... 
And yesterday while she was playing with them an idea flashed to me. She was still playing with the ice cubes and I got some cardstock (watercolor paper would have been better but I did not have any) and powder food colors (powder tempera, kool aid or jello mix would work too). I sprinkled some colors onto the cardstock.
 And asked putti to put the ice cubes on the cardstock and move it around with craft sticks. As Putti moved  her ice cube,it melted into water and mixed with powder to make paint!!
Soon she said "Amma, this is just like playing appa's cricket" !!!
Well, that reminded me it looked more like Ice Hockey!! But Putti does not know about Hockey but enjoys watching and playing Cricket. When there more than 2 kids, they can each have a craft stick and pass ice cube to one another, sort of playing ice Hockey!! She played Ice Cricket until the paper was fully covered with colors.
Trying some more colors...
I wanted to see how will this work with paints and asked Putti if she wanted to try. Offcourse she said YES! And she dropped a few drops of blue and red crayola washable paint and repeated the process of painting with ice cubes over it.
And then offcourse had to use her hands to slide the ice cubes...
The 2 primary colors mixed and created a purple color. This activity is a wonderful exploration into colors and the the science of mixing solids and liquids!
I would suggest doing this in a cookie sheet or a tray as it can get very messy or better yet do it outdoors! And also be aware that food coloring and kool aid powder does stain.
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      Now this is something I haven't seen before! And what a fun craft - great to explore the colours all mixing up but also seeing what happens as the ice melts! Lovely!

      Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


      This is a great idea… so fun. My daughter loves to paint - this is a great twist on it. Thanks for the idea.

      Awesome way to explore and learn colors !
      As always very creative..

      Love how colorful those ended up! Such pretty works of art!

      Love how it turned out! :) Thanks for linking to post with recycling dry markers! Much appreciated! :)

      fun ideas as always! This is a great summer activity & I will be trying it soon!

      Come link this fun up to the Sunday Showcase -


      @RedTedArtThanks Maggy! I love it too... Thank you for hosting the linky and giving a chance for us to share:)

      @AmyDThank you! I am sure your daughter will love it too. Please do let me know how it goes, if you try.

      @Mom to 2 Posh Lil DivasGlad you lied it and are willing to try, Im sure your little divas will love them too. Thanks will come over to link.

      Such a great idea. I love it. I am totally going to try this. My kids will think using kool aid for it would be so exciting since they love kool aid. Maybe I will get the kind that looks one color and then changes to another color once it mixes with the water. I will have to see if that works. thanks for the link up.

      @Art For Little HandsThank you!! The color changing kool aid should be more fun, I need to try that, thanks for letting me know about it.

      Fun! Looks cool and I am sure older kids can enjoy this one too since anything to do with ice cubes looks attractive in this heat :) Thanks for sharing!

      Thanks for stopping by the Sunday Showcase and linking up so many great activities last week.

      I am going to be doing some ice painting this coming week - it is so HOT that I thought water/ice themed week was in order! :)

      Hope to see you at this week's Showcase!


      @RosemeenThank you for stopping by and commenting! Oh yes it is fun for all ages, I played too:)

      @Mom to 2 Posh Lil DivasThank you for hosting the linky and giving an opportunity to share ideas and get inspired by others:) Oh yeah, icecube play/art is all over the blogosphere now!

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