Friday, July 29, 2011

Handprint India Flag !!

Today Putti made a India flag for the upcoming Independence Day. It's a great, simple project for kids of all ages. She enjoyed painting her hands with orange (has to be Saffron actually) and green paints and printing on the paper, creating a flag of her very own.
And then for the blue chakra(wheel) with 24 spokes in the center. We used our salad spinner and blue paint. And then printed the spin art onto the center of the flag, just like we had done with our T Shirts!  
Now the Flag is displayed on her room window, the spot she chose for her flag!!! She wanted her friends (neighbours) to see it from outside.
After making this Handprint India Flag. We read the book 'Exploring India' on MeMeTales by Maya Bisineer and Jane Marshall. in the book a little girl Priya travels to India and learn about the country, languages, food and lot more! 
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What a great idea - I'm going to try this with my little girl! You have such amazingly great ideas on your blog!

Thanks! I loved the flag ur little girl made too:)

Love the idea of using handprints to make a flag! Wayyyyy better than just coloring : )

so creative! I love this idea and will save it for later! :)

Congratulations. You've won the Ac challenge. Drop by to claim your prize

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