Monday, July 18, 2011

Feet Painting !!

This early morning was spent outside where I set out a large piece of paper, washable paints, and let putti have LOTS of fun painting with her feet!!
I knew this activity would result in color mixing, hence wanted putti to choose 2 primary colors and she chose Red and Blue! I put down the paints on plates for her.
 And putti stepped right into the plate, got paint all over her feet and then walked on the paper !
More dipping feet in paint and walking....
She loved swirling the paint around with her toes, and mixing the colors and making the red violets!
She wanted to do more, so I rolled a piece of paper from our easel paper roll and she loved walking over it with feet covered in paint. 
 Next she started painting with her hands...
Love those colored little hands...
Towards the end, Putti asked me join her too, but told me I was allowed to paint only with my hands :-) She even took this picture of me. She has been taking pictures with our camera Canon S3IS since a long time now. Reminds me, I have not shared any of the pictures she has captured.

It was messy, but a lot of FUN !!!

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What a riot of colours! She sure had 'miles' of fun treading on the strip of paper :))
Nice to see you in that photo that Putti has clicked.
Pari too has been into photography since she was 2.5 or so. I too have never shared her photos on my blog. Must do sometime soon....

Great Fun! We did this in mud, but need to do it in paint soon!

This is called walk the paint :)
Nice concept..
Looking forward for photographs from Putti..

We started out doing that one day, and ended up just paining the kitchen floor (and entire bodies) instead! :) Was super fun, and a remarkably quick clean up. :)

My son and his buddy loved this activity both times we have done it! They wore their swimsuits the 2nd time to make cleanup easier :)

@MommyLabsOh yes she sure had a blast!! And yes, she now has become our photographer and has clicked some really nice pics of me and DH:)
Looking forward to see pari's photos..

@ಅಪ್ಪ-ಅಮ್ಮ(Appa-Amma)Thank you! Love the term 'walk the paint' :) Will try and share some of her pics soon.

@StephanieThat must have been messy but loads of fun for sure! Putti is not keen on getting pant on her body, just hand and feet is fine:)

@artsy_mommaNice to know ur kids enjoyed it too. Wearing swimsuit is a nice tip:)

And more fun! And the result is lovely - treasured keepsake!



an outdoor activity I think, but great idea

So simple, yet so fun! I tried this a couple of months ago with Sweet Pea with the idea that it would make a nice present for her Great-Grandma's birthday. Sadly, she didn't like the feel of the paint on her feet at all! Will try again soon now that she's a little older and steadier on her feet.

Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play again! Hope to see you again this Friday!

WHat fun- were there any slips? Paint can get Slippery! Thank you for stopping by and linking up to The Sunday Showcase

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