Sunday, July 24, 2011

Exploring Finger Paints and Monoprint !!

Putti loves getting paint on her hands. She loves smearing the paint around, mixing colors, making prints, squishing the paints between her fingers, drawing with her little fingers. And this is just what Putti did today!! 

Putti always has free access to crayons, slick stix, markers, play dough, chalk, papers, scissors, glue, chenille stems, pompoms, color masking tapes, stickers, sewing kit... But for paints, though she knows where they are kept and can reach it too, she HAS to ask me, just to make sure I can cover her working space to catch any spills.  But today, while I was in the kitchen getting the dinner ready, she started asking me for paints. I told her she had to wait until I finish, she nodded her head unwillingly and went out. After a couple of minutes she called me  saying "Look! Amma, I am making color magic, come make photos of me". Color magic is the term she uses when she mixes 2 colors to make a new color. When I came out I saw this. She had squeezed some finger paints onto her play table directly and was happily mixing them making greens and oranges :)

 Then she drew some designs with her fingers on it. At this point, I asked her if she wanted to make some mono prints, but she was not keen.
 smoothing the paint to draw again.....
 Her name and a flower
 More finger drawing....

 And then she got her cars out to drive them on the paint to make tracks...
 vrooom vroooom..
 And then animal paw prints and tracks... 
 Look Dumbo is flying !!
 And in the end she made a couple of prints...

She loved the whole activity and spent more than an hour with it. Luckily, Hemanth got home in time so I got to get back to kitchen while he continued capturing the photos for us!! 

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When these are so much fun to look at, can I imagine how much fun it must have been for Putti doing this messy but beautiful art activity!

How clever she is to mix those colours to create "magic" and then draw patterns. Love the mono prints too.

Thanks Rashmie! Oh yes she did have lots of fun and the color magic is what she has learnt from her preschool teacher, and they have a song too ...
when u hug blue and yellow
u make green
when u hug these two
u will see its a color magic :)

This looks like so much fun!! And it is such a great way to explore .. I know both my little ones would love it (adds it to growing list of activities.. summer is sorted!)

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Oh! How lovely! takes me back to my childhood...when I used to do such finger prints, stamp a paper and share it with family.
I used to stamp paper until the paint went dry!
Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing :)

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