Friday, June 17, 2011

Spray Painting on Fabric !!

Spray Painting is a fun art activity for kids of all ages!!
Spray Painting on Fabric
This year we do not have many plants in our little patio garden and that has given us lots of opportunities to take art outside! I just had to move the plants to the ends to make some space in our little patio. Putti had lots of fun with this activity.
I used a couple of push pins to fix the pieces cloth I had to the patio fence. I just used whatever i had at home. The artful parent has used canvas painter's drop cloths, but I guess any old bed sheets should work too. And filled some spray bottles with diluted liquid water colors. We did only 2 colors bcos i had only 2 sprayers :) If you want a permanent painting, you could use watered acrylics too.
Spray Painting on Fabric
 Putti loved trying both the mist ...
kids Spray Painting on Fabric
and the jet form...
kids Spray Painting on Fabric
She experimented by moving far and near to the canvas, seeing how the paint hits it...
Kids Spray Painting on Fabric
Some of our plants got sprayed too...
kids Spray Painting on Fabric
Soon, she was spraying her hands and trying to make handprint... but I had overdiluted the blue so nothing was seen!
Spray Painting on Fabric
She wouldn't give up easily, she tried again, this time spraying both sides of her palms... but still did not see any hand prints. And then, she tried by placing her palms on the fabric and spraying over it....but no handprint !!
kids Spray Painting on Fabric
She then enjoyed spraying and spraying until both the bottles got empty and she had colored almost most of the fabric!
kids Spray Painting on Fabric
After she finished with the paints, she wanted something to draw with and picked sharpies (thou I suggested markers) and tried drawing... but could not draw as the cloth was still wet.
kids Spray Painting on Fabric
 She came back later in the evening to draw a face and flower!! She did ask my help with the man's body, isn't he cute?
Spray Painting on Fabric
This post was inspired by this post at Artful Parent. It was them who has inspired me the most to try and have fun with artsy activities with Putti.. Other ways we have played/created outdoors.

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Lovely! You don't know HOW long I have been saving old spray bottles to get crafty with the kids.. I really MUST get them out!

Thanks as always for your wonderful crafty posts on Kids Get Crafty! You rock!


We've done spray painting on plastic before but I think J would really like using the fabric. Did you just use regular paint?

What a fun afternoon.

Thanks for sharing with us :)

Dear Roopa please do drop by my blog and receive an award from me as a token of my appreciation for your creativity.
This award goes to you and your little one
Love Sonia

This must have been so much fun! I too have been inspired by that post on The Artful Parent and have saved big fabric pieces to have Pari spray paint on.

@Kate @ An Amazing Child
We have sprayed painted on paper before hmm plastic not tried. Yes, i used watercolors, as I want to wash it off and use again and again. If u want permanent piece, acrylics should work.

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