Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spin art with Salad spinner !!!

I have been wanting to try Spin art with Putti for a long time now. I feel we are the last people to try this ;) There are plenty of posts out there in blogosphere with spin arts using salad spinner and various spin art machines from market. Today's post was inspired by Spin, Spin, Spin from The Artful Parent which is where I saw this idea first. I picked up a salad spinner for $3 at Ikea during our recent visit to Tampa.
First traced the bottom of the spinner onto a piece of white paper and putti cut it out. We cut plenty of sheets as I knew putti will love making many!!
Place the white paper on the inside of salad spinner. Pour some slightly watered paints. We used Crayola washable paints and since we are at the bottom, I just added some water to the paint cups itself. You could use a spoon, eye dropper or use a squeeze bottle too!
Close the lid and spin, spin and spin..
Open to see the art... aah magic!
Add more paint..
And spin more...
Soon we realised adding paint in droplets instead of globs...

Created beautiful patterns..
Love that no two look the same..
Each time it was a pleasant  surprise to open the lid and see the artwork !! Love the surprise part :)
Plenty of oohs and aaaahs as we opened and saw them !!!
These sure look perfect for 4th of July !
Stick them with a piece of tape to a yarn and hung them !!
The excess paint collected in the bottom of the outer container in our salad spinner. If your salad spinner doesn't have this, you may want to place your salad spinner inside a cookie sheet or something and cover your working space.

I have ordered the Melissa and Doug Swirl N Spin too, cant wait to try it out with putti :)

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They do look fabulous! I have to say! And I bet you had LOTS of fun making these!

Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


These turned out so gorgeous! And, so much fun the process must have been for Putti. I have to go looking for a salad spinner like this over here. I am not sure we get something here by that name...!

Thanks everyone! @Rashmie, you might be able to find the commercial art spinning machines like one from crayola etc.. Alternatively could use a old/junk disc player too.

So pretty! I was thinking they would look great in Red, White and Blue for the Fourth of July here! I'm so glad you tried that. We may have to try and make fireworks out of the salad spinner too. (I pinned your red, white blue art).

@Jackie H. Thanks for the comments and the Pin! With 4th of July right around the corner, any art activity this past week has involved red,blue and white:)

I bought a salad spinner just for this purpose, but we haven't attempted it yet. I think we will for sure be doing this this week. Thanks for sharing with me at

@Art For Little HandsMe too, I bought the salad spinner just for this. Got mine in Ikea for $3:)
Hope ur kids love it too!

What a fun- inexpensive way to make a spin art machine! I will have to do so myself- Thanks for linking up with us at The Sunday Showcase!

I'm so glad to see the salad spinner used for this spin art. Wonder why that didn't occur to me! LOL I just got a small carosel for the middle of my round table, and was planning to use that with a plastic dish. (Dish would have to be affixed with a circle of masking tape or such.)
I appreciate the crafty idea, especially as I am taking 'crafts' to do with my 7-yr-old grandson soon! (I love the displaying of the arty circles on a yarn, too! Thank you for sharing this fabulous idea!

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