Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pre Sewing Activities !!

I grew up watching my mother sew beautiful dresses for me.  I learnt a bit of both hand and machine sewing myself too. As a kid, I loved hand stitching little dresses from her cloth scraps for my dolls. As I grew up I learnt to stitch salwar dress and made a couple for myself !! Loved making some hand embroidery on couple of my blouses too. College did not give me much time for these, but I loved learning various kids of stitches!!
And now I don't stitch at all other than mending/ fixing buttons etc. Putti is growing up to love playing with yarn, threads and needle at least so far.

Here are some activities how I got Putti started :
1.5 years+

Putti started threading beads about which i had written here along with a video. If your child is till putting things in mouth, you may want to start with fruit loops or cheerios.
And then she enjoyed making necklaces and bracelets by threading fruit loops with shoe lace.
She loved to string  pasta tubes with a plastic needle. This helped her learn to hold and direct the needle. You may color the past tubes to make it more exciting and beautiful.

Also have threaded straw cut into small pieces.

  • May use chenille stems too, but take care as its edges are sharp.
  • Can use curling ribbon or embroidery threads also.
  • If using yarn then Put a thin strip of tape one end to form a "needle" for easier threading. This will also keep yarn from fraying .
  • Dip the end of the threading material into some glue and allow it to dry. This replaces the need for a needle and provides a more sturdy end.
  • Keep the the length of the shoe lace/yarn short. Longer pieces tend to get tangled up and  frustrate the child.
  • Have used these as plane/car/waiting room activity too.

2 years+
Right around her second birthday we moved towards lacing cards. This is another “pre-sewing” type of activity and kids learn going in and out, up and down! I did not buy any fancy cards, just cut shapes with cereal box and punched holes at the edges. Putti colored some of the cards. At times have glued  pictures cut from magazines to cardboard and then punch holes. Shoe laces work great, or you can use the yarn and plastic needles for stringing.
 Craft foam pieces in various shapes with holes punched on the edges also used for lacing.
Styrofoam containers, the kind mushrooms come in, make great toy for lacing practice. Just make holes by poking a pointed screwdriver.
Also have punched holes in toilet paper tubes(cut in half  to shorten it) through which she enjoyed threading the wool using a plastic needle. I threaded the needle to the middle of yarn and tied both ends of the yarn together, so that the yarn wouldn't fall off the needle.
 We have used Foam bowls also in similar way and I think the Styrofoam meat trays can be used too..
  • In the initial days, Putti needed lot of encouragement to keep the lacing going.
  • And there was no order in which she laced, it was very free hand/ haphazard.
  • Once she got the hang of it, I would challenge her to pass the yarn through all the holes.
  • After sometime, I would ask her to pass the yarn through very next hole and then the next one and so on....

More ideas:
Homemade Foam Lacing Cards
Lacing Cards with free printables
Greeting cards turned lacing cards
Pegboard for lacing

Stay tuned for some simple sewing activities Putti has tried so far...
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Love the toilet tube idea! Great job!!
love teaching the kids to sew, I even put together a sewing basket that is accessible to them at all times:

@Michelle Thanks! I used anything i could punch holes into, to make things 'NEW' and exciting for putti:)Love ur sew basket, mine is all boxed up due to space restraints.

Wow its so good to see all the types of threading you made her do. its so good for motor development.

Over here via Nuturestore. Great Ideas!

I love the toilet tube idea - I have to try that!

Beautiful ideas to turn the junk into pieces of art. So creative, Roopa :)

You have so many good ideas for stuff to use--I think my kids will try lacing some stuff tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration =)

What an excellent sewing craft for little ones. The card roll is inspired!

@Dr Sonia S VThanks!! Oh yeah great exercise to the flexors, lumbricals and interossei :-)

Thanks LeeanneA, Rashmie, Lizzy and Miya! I just tried to make things new to keep the interest going. Happy to have inspired:)

We love putting cereal on string. It is one way to get my kids to actually eat. All of these ideas are very good. Thanks for sharing at my art party

Those are GREAT ideas!! And frugal! They're very creative and would be fun a first time sewer. I especially love the toilet paper tube idea :)

@Art For Little HandsThreading the cereals is one of the first few activities putti tried and even now she loves it! Thanks for commenting.

@Jamie @ hands on : as we grow Thank you! I like to use things from around the house for most projects. Yup, she loved all of these.

This post is simply perfect! I was wondering about how to start sewing my little boy and there are some great ideas here. Thank you!

And thanks it for sharing over at Red Ted Art!


I remember doing stuff like this when I was a child- great for fine motor skills! Thanks for linking up with us at The Sunday Showcase!

I simply adore this kind of crafts - simple and recycling and also very cute. Thank you for inspring us what to do with all those numerous TP rolls- I've included a link back to your blog, you can see it here

Lovely activity! ! Will definitely try with my little girl

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